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Python module to get stock data from the Alpha Vantage Api

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*Python module to get stock data from the Alpha Vantage API*

Alpha Vantage delivers a free API for real time financial data and most
used finance indicators in a simple json format. This module implements
a python interface to the free API provided by Alpha Vantage
( It requires a free API, that can be
requested on


To install the package use:

.. code:: shell

pip install alpha_vantage

If you want to install from source, then use:

.. code:: shell

git clone
pip install -e alpha_vantage


To get data in a python, simply import the library and call the object
with your api key and get ready for some awesome free realtime finance

.. code:: python

from alpha_vantage.timeseries import TimesSeries
ts = TimesSeries(key='YOUR_API_KEY')
# Get json object with the intraday data and another with the call's metadata
data, meta_data = ts.get_intraday('GOOGL')

Internally there is a retries counter, that can be used to minimize
connection errors (in case that the api is not able to respond in time),
the default is set to 5 but can be increased or decreased whenever

.. code:: python

ts = TimesSeries(key='YOUR_API_KEY',retries='YOUR_RETRIES')

Finally the library supports giving its results as json dictionaries
(default) or as pandas dataframe, simply pass the parameter
output\_format='pandas' to change the format of the output for all the
api calls.

.. code:: python

ts = TimesSeries(key='YOUR_API_KEY',output_format='pandas')


Using pandas support we can plot the intra-minute value for 'MSFT' stock
quite easily:

.. code:: python

from alpha_vantage.timeseries import TimesSeries
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

ts = TimesSeries(key='YOUR_API_KEY', output_format='pandas')
data, meta_data = ts.get_intraday(symbol='MSFT',interval='1min', outputsize='full')
plt.title('Intraday Times Series for the MSFT stock (1 min)')

Giving us as output: |alt text|

The same way we can get pandas to plot technical indicators like
Bolliger Bands®

.. code:: python

from alpha_vantage.techindicators import TechIndicators
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

ti = TechIndicators(key='YOUR_API_KEY', output_format='pandas')
data, meta_data = ti.get_bbands(symbol='MSFT', interval='60min', time_period=60)
plt.title('BBbands indicator for MSFT stock (60 min)')

Giving us as output: |alt text|


In order to run the tests you have to first export your API key so that
the test can use it to run.

.. code:: shell

cd alpha_vantage


To find out more about the available api calls, visit the alpha-vantage
documentation at

Coming soon:

1. [STRIKEOUT:Add basic functionality: 0.0.1]
2. [STRIKEOUT:Add retry in order to allow the calls to be retried in
case of failure: 0.0.2]
3. [STRIKEOUT:Implement all functions described in the alpha vantage
documentation 0.0.3]
4. [STRIKEOUT:Re-factor functions to have an unified method for
accessing the api 0.1.0]
5. [STRIKEOUT:Add pandas support through decorators 0.1.2]
6. [STRIKEOUT:Publish on pipy 0.1.3]
7. Add logging to tests to store api call duration 1.0.1
8. Add unit tests for all the function parameters in the module 1.0.2

.. |Build Status| image::
.. |alt text| image:: images/docs_ts_msft_example.png?raw=True
.. |alt text| image:: images/docs_ti_msft_example.png?raw=True

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