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Python tools for the electricity market model AMIRIS

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Python tools for the electricity market model AMIRIS.


pip install amirispy

You may also use pipx. For detailed information please refer to the official pipx documentation.

pipx install amirispy

Further Requirements

In order to execute all commands provided by amirispy, you also require a Java Development Kit (JDK). JDK must be installed and accessible via your console in which you run amirispy.

To test, run java --version which should show your JDK version (required: 11 or above). If java command is not found or relates to a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), please download and install JDK (e.g. from Adoptium)


Currently, there are three distinct commands available:

  • amiris install: installation of the latest AMIRIS version and examples to your computer
  • amiris run: perform a full workflow by compiling the .pb file from your scenario.yaml, executing AMIRIS, and converting results
  • amiris batch: perform multiple runs each with scenario compilation, AMIRIS execution, and results extraction
  • amiris comparison: compare the results of two different AMIRIS runs to check them for their equivalence

You may also use the arguments as a list of strings in your script directly, e.g.

from amirispy.scripts import amiris_cli

amiris_cli(["install", "-m", "model"])

amiris install

Downloads and installs the latest open access AMIRIS instance and accompanying examples.

Option Action
-u or --url URL to download AMIRIS from (default: latest AMIRIS artifact from
-t or --target Folder to install amiris-core_<version>-jar-with-dependencies.jar to (default: ./)
-f or --force Force install which may overwrites existing AMIRIS installation of same version and existing examples (default: False)
-m or --mode Option to install model and examples all (default), only model, or only examples

amiris run

Compile scenario, execute AMIRIS, and extract results.

Option Action
-j or --jar Path to amiris-core_<version>-jar-with-dependencies.jar
-s or --scenario Path to a scenario yaml-file
-o or --output Directory to write output to, defaults to "./results"
-oo or --output-options Optional arguments to override default output conversion arguments of fameio

amiris batch

Perform multiple runs - each with scenario compilation, AMIRIS execution, and results extraction

Option Action
-j or --jar Path to amiris-core_<version>-jar-with-dependencies.jar
-s or --scenarios Path to single or list of: scenario yaml-files or their enclosing directories
-o or --output Directory to write output to
-r or --recursive Option to recursively search in provided Path for scenario (default: False)
-p or --pattern Optional name pattern that scenario files searched for must match

amiris compare

Compare if results of two AMIRIS runs and equivalent.

Option Action
-e or --expected Path to folder with expected result .csv files
-t or --test Path to folder with results files (.csv) to test for equivalence
-i or --ignore Optional list of file names not to be compared


You reach the help menu at any point using -h or --help which gives you a list of all available options, e.g.:

amiris --help


You may define a logging level or optional log file as first arguments in your workflow using any of the following arguments:

Option Action
-l or --log Sets the logging level. Default is error. Options are debug, info, warning, warn, error, critical.
-lf or --logfile Sets the logging file. Default is None. If None is provided, all logs get only printed to the console.

Example: amiris --log debug --logfile my/log/file.txt install


If you use AMIRIS-Py for academic work, please cite:

Christoph Schimeczek, Kristina Nienhaus, Ulrich Frey, Evelyn Sperber, Seyedfarzad Sarfarazi, Felix Nitsch, Johannes Kochems & A. Achraf El Ghazi (2023). AMIRIS: Agent-based Market model for the Investigation of Renewable and Integrated energy Systems. Journal of Open Source Software. doi: 10.21105/joss.05041



Available Support

This is a purely scientific project by (at the moment) one research group. Thus, there is no paid technical support available.

If you experience any trouble with AMIRIS, you may contact the developers at the openMod-Forum or via Please report bugs and make feature requests by filing issues following the provided templates (see also CONTRIBUTING). For substantial enhancements, we recommend that you contact us via for working together on the code in common projects or towards common publications and thus further develop AMIRIS.


Work on AMIRIS-Py was financed by the Helmholtz Association's Energy System Design research programme.

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