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A multi-architecture binary analysis toolkit, with the ability to perform dynamic symbolic execution and various static analyses on binaries

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angr is a platform-agnostic binary analysis framework. It is brought to you by the Computer Security Lab at UC Santa Barbara, SEFCOM at Arizona State University, their associated CTF team, Shellphish, the open source community, and @rhelmot.

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What is angr?

angr is a suite of Python 3 libraries that let you load a binary and do a lot of cool things to it:

  • Disassembly and intermediate-representation lifting
  • Program instrumentation
  • Symbolic execution
  • Control-flow analysis
  • Data-dependency analysis
  • Value-set analysis (VSA)
  • Decompilation

The most common angr operation is loading a binary: p = angr.Project('/bin/bash') If you do this in an enhanced REPL like IPython, you can use tab-autocomplete to browse the top-level-accessible methods and their docstrings.

The short version of "how to install angr" is mkvirtualenv --python=$(which python3) angr && python -m pip install angr.


angr does a lot of binary analysis stuff. To get you started, here's a simple example of using symbolic execution to get a flag in a CTF challenge.

import angr

project = angr.Project("angr-doc/examples/defcamp_r100/r100", auto_load_libs=False)

def print_flag(state):
    print("FLAG SHOULD BE:", state.posix.dumps(0))


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