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Validate and create CRC checksums for files (ex. anime video [ABCD01234].mkv)

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Validate and create CRC checksums for files (ex. anime video [ABCD01234].mkv)

To install anime-crc, run this command in your terminal:

$ sudo pip install anime-crc

This is the preferred method to install anime-crc, as it will always install the most recent stable release.


Show anime-crc help running:

$ anime-crc -h

The output with the current release is:

usage: anime-crc [-h] [-a [<file> [<file> ...]]] [--delete [<file> [<file> ...]]] [-r] [--debug] [--warning] [--no-warn-missing-xattr-ext] [--warn-no-crc] [-n] [--read-from <stores>] [--write-to <stores>] [<file> [<file> ...]]

CRC32 generator and checker.

positional arguments:
  <file>                Check CRC32 of files. (default: None)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a [<file> [<file> ...]], --addcrc32 [<file> [<file> ...]]
                        Generate CRC32 for files and rename them. (default: None)
  --delete [<file> [<file> ...]]
                        Delete CRC32 tags in the specified files. (default: None)
  -r, --recursive       Explore directories recursively. (default: False)
  --debug               Set log level to debugging messages. (default: 20)
  --warning             Set log level to warnings (hides successful files). (default: 20)
                        Don't warn of missing python3-xattr optional dependency. (default: False)
  --warn-no-crc         Show a warning if no CRC tags are found in a file. (default: False)
  -n, --no-progress     Disable progress reporting, even if connected to a tty. (default: False)
  --read-from <stores>  A comma-separated list of tag stores used for checking integrity. First successful read is used. (default: filename)
  --write-to <stores>   A comma-separated list of tag stores used for writing CRC tags. Tags are written in every tag store specified. (default: filename)


  • Check CRC of files. The checksum can be in the filename (ex. [ABCD01234]), in a separate file or in the file metadatas (xattr).

  • Set CRC of files. The CRC can be written to the name, to a separate file or to file metadatas.

  • Delete CRC of file names.

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