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Text anonymization using Faker

Project description


Text anonymization in many languages for python3.6+ using Faker.


pip install anonymization


Replace a french phone number with a fake one

>>> from anonymization import Anonymization, PhoneNumberAnonymizer
>>> text = "C'est bien le 0611223344 ton numéro ?"
>>> anon = Anonymization('fr_FR')
>>> phoneAnonymizer = PhoneNumberAnonymizer(anon)
>>> phoneAnonymizer.anonymize(text)
"C'est bien le 0144939332 ton numéro ?"

Replace emails and named entities in english

This example use NamedEntitiesAnonymizer which require spacy and a spacy model.

pip install spacy
python -m spacy download en
>>> from anonymization import Anonymization, AnonymizerChain, EmailAnonymizer, NamedEntitiesAnonymizer

>>> text = "Hi John,\nthanks for you for subscribing to Superprogram, feel free to ask me any question at \n Superprogram the best program!"
>>> anon = AnonymizerChain(Anonymization('en_US'))
>>> anon.add_anonymizers(EmailAnonymizer, NamedEntitiesAnonymizer('en'))
>>> anon.anonymize(text)
'Hi Holly,\nthanks for you for subscribing to Ariel, feel free to ask me any question at \n Ariel the best program!'

Included anonymizers


name lang
FilePathAnonymizer -


name lang
EmailAnonymizer -
UriAnonymizer -
MacAddressAnonymizer -
Ipv4Anonymizer -
Ipv6Anonymizer -

Phone numbers

name lang
PhoneNumberAnonymizer 47+
msisdnAnonymizer 47+


name lang
NamedEntitiesAnonymizer 7+

Custom anonymizers

Custom anonymizers can be easily created to fit your needs:

class CustomAnonymizer():
    def __init__(self, anonymization: Anonymization):
        self.anonymization = anonymization

    def anonymize(self, text: str) -> str:
        return modified_text
        # or replace by regex patterns in text using a faker provider
        return self.anonymization.regex_anonymizer(text, pattern, provider)
        # or replace all occurences using a faker provider
        return self.anonymization.replace_all(text, matchs, provider)

You may also add new faker provider with the helper Anonymization.add_provider(FakerProvider) or access the faker instance directly Anonymization.faker.


Contributions are welcome both to improve the code base and add new anonymizers. Feel free to open PR & issues.

For new anonymizers, make sure:

  • that they works with as many languages as possible
  • to use type hinting
  • to document them in the table



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