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Ansible Anonymizer

Project description

Library to clean up Ansible tasks from any Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • Free software: Apache Software License 2.0

Anonymized fields

  • Credit Card number

  • email address

  • IP address

  • MAC address

  • US SSN

  • US phone number

  • YAML comment

  • password value, when the field name is identified as being sensitive

  • user name from home directory path


The library can be used to remove the PII from a multi level structure:

from ansible_anonymizer.anonymizer import anonymize_struct

example = [{"name": "foo bar", "email": ""}]

# [{'name': 'foo bar', 'email': ''}]

But you can also anonymize a block of text:

from ansible_anonymizer.anonymizer import anonymize_text_block

some_text = """
- name: a task
    secret: foobar

# '\n- name: a task\n  a_module:\n    secret: "{{ secret }}"\n'

You can also use the ansible-anonymizer command:

ansible-anonymizer my-secret-file

Customize the anonymized strings

By default, the variables are anonymized with a string based on the name of the field. You can customize it with the value_template parameter:

from ansible_anonymizer.anonymizer import anonymize_struct
from string import Template

original = {"password": "$RvEDSRW#R"}
value_template = Template("_${variable_name}_")
anonymize_struct(original, value_template=value_template)
#  {'password': '_password_'}


  • anonymize_text_block() relies on its own text parser which only support a subset of YAML features. Because of this, it may not be able to identify some PII. When possible, use anonymize_struct which accepts a Python structure instead.

  • The Anonymizer is not a silver bullet and it’s still possible to see PII going through the filters.

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