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SSH/SFTP Terminal Manager for Ansible

Project description

Ansible SSH

This script list hosts which are defined in Ansible Inventory and open SSH/SFTP connection to host which is selected.


Print usage:


Print version:

ansible-terminal -v

Work with Ansible Inventory by different options

usage: ansible-terminal [-h] -a [INVENTORY_PATH [INVENTORY_PATH ...]] -p
                        {ssh,sftp} [--debug] [-v] [-n NAME] [-u SSH_USER]
                        [-k SSH_KEY]

Open SSH/SFTP session to hosts defined in Ansible Inventory

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Path for Ansible Inventory file or directory. Multiple
                        definitions can be done.If directory is given, all
                        Ansible Inventory files will be parsed recursively
  -p {ssh,sftp}         Protocol type for connection to Hosts. ssh / sftp
  --debug               Enable debug logs
  -v                    show program's version number and exit
  -n NAME               Name of host to search. If one host matches, will
                        connect automaically
  -u SSH_USER           SSH Username for ssh connection type. This will
                        override ansible_ssh_user for all connections
  -k SSH_KEY            SSH Key File path for ssh connection type. This will
                        override ansible_ssh_private_key_file for all

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For default, Below parameters are used for SSH/SFTP connection.

user: root
ssh-key: ~/.ssh/
target machine: host

You can overwrite these values by defining related Ansible Behavioral Inventory Properties in the inventory. Parameters:



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