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Generate Ansible Inventory

Project description

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A Simple Ansible Inventory Generator


This simple library makes it easier to write glue code between infrastructure bringup/deployment and software provisioning stages of a one-click deployment.

Head over to the wiki page for more explanation about this project.


Simply say:

pip install ansinv


Working with ansible inventory hosts

Creating a host object with optional host variables:
host1 = ansinv.AnsibleHost("", affinity=12, scan="no")
Get a host object’s ip/name:
Read and update a host object’s host variables. The hostvars attribute is essentially a dictionary:
host1.hostvars["affinity"] = 5

Working with ansible inventory groups

Creating a group object with optional group variables:
group1 = ansinv.AnsibleGroup("group1", ssh_port=8800)
Read and update a group object’s group variables. The groupvars attribute is essentially a dictionary:
group1.groupvars["ssh_port"] = 22
Adding hosts to a group:
group1.add_hosts(host1, host2, ...) # host1, host2, etc. must already exist
group1.add_hosts(ansinv.AnsibleHost("", hostvar1="value")) # creating and adding hosts at the same time

Please note: Adding a host object actually creates a copy of the host object under the group object. So to make modifications to a host object after it has been added, use method.

Get access to a host object using method:"").hostvars["hostvar1"] = "new value"
Get a list of all host objects in a group:
Establish parent-child relation between groups:
child1 = AnsibleGroup("master")
child2 = AnsibleGroup("worker")
parent = AnsibleGroup("cluster")
parent.add_children(child1, child2)
parent.add_children(parent)   # ValueError when trying to add itself as a child
child1.add_children(parent)   # ValueError when trying to add a parent group as a child
Check whether the group is the parent of a given group:
group1.is_parent_of(group2)   # Returns a bool value
Check whether the group is the child of a given group:
group1.is_child_of(group2)   # Returns a bool value
Get a list of names (not objects) of all child groups:
group1.children   # ["child1", "child2", ...]

For more explanation and a full example please refer the wiki page.

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