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change color and style (bold, reverse) of text on display

Project description

ansiterm Package

ansiterm - change color and style (bold, reverse) of text on display


This manual page documents ansiterm module, a Python module providing functions for generating ANSI escape sequences to change the color and the style (i.e., bold and reverse) of text displayed on the screen.

A majority of terminal emulators support ANSI escape sequences. ansiterm module provides handy functions for changing the color and the style.

Please refer to for the introduction of ANSI escape sequences.


from ansiterm import color

for bold in (False, True):
    for reverse in (False, True):
        for name in [
                'reset', 'bold', 'underline', 'reverse', 'gray', 'red',
                'green', 'yellow', 'blue', 'magenta', 'cyan', 'white'
            astr = color('text in {} with bold={}, reverse={}'.format(
                name, bold, reverse),


ansiterm module provides the following functions.

  • color(astr, name='bold', bold=False, reverse=False)

    Embed ANSI escape sequences around string ASTR to change the text style to NAME. Make the text boldface and reversed video if BOLD or REVERSE is True, respectively.

The following functions are provided as short-cuts. For instance, blue(astr) and reest(astr) are equivalent to color(astr, 'blue') and color(astr, 'reset), respectively.

  • reset(astr, bold=False, reverse=False)

  • bold(astr, bold=True, reverse=False)

  • gray(astr, bold=False, reverse=False)

  • red(astr, bold=False, reverse=False)

  • green(astr, bold=False, reverse=False)

  • yellow(astr, bold=False, reverse=False)

  • blue(astr, bold=False, reverse=False)

  • magenta(astr, bold=False, reverse=False)

  • cyan(astr, bold=False, reverse=False)

  • white(astr, bold=False, reverse=False)


pip3 install ansiterm


The latest version of ansiterm module is available at PyPI ( .


perl(1), perlfunc(1), getopt(3), Getopt::Std(3perl)


Hiroyuki Ohsaki <ohsaki[atmark]>

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