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Perform compliance and sustainability analysis on materials data stored in Granta MI.

Project description

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Project Overview

PyGranta BoM Analytics is part of the larger PyAnsys effort to facilitate the use of Ansys technologies directly from Python.

The MI Restricted Substances and MI Sustainability solutions for Granta MI include REST APIs for:

  • Evaluating compliance of products, assemblies, specifications, and materials against legislations.

  • Evaluating the environmental performance of products, assemblies, materials and processes.

This package abstracts automatically-generated code into an easy-to-use client library.


Install the ansys-grantami-bomanalytics package with this code:

pip install ansys-grantami-bomanalytics

To install a release compatible with a specific version of Granta MI, use the PyGranta meta-package with a requirement specifier:

pip install pygranta==2023.2.0

Alternatively, clone and install this package with this code:

git clone
cd grantami-bomanalytics
pip install .


The PyGranta BoM Analytics Documentation provides comprehensive installation and usage information.


Here’s a brief example of how to use PyGranta BoM Analytics:

# Connect and query the Granta service.

>>> from pprint import pprint
>>> from ansys.grantami.bomanalytics import Connection, queries
>>> cxn = Connection("http://my_grantami_server/mi_servicelayer").with_autologon().connect()
>>> query = (
...     queries.MaterialImpactedSubstancesQuery()
...     .with_material_ids(['plastic-abs-pvc-flame'])
...     .with_legislation_ids(['Candidate_AnnexXV'])
... )

# Print out the result from the query.

>>> result =
>>> pprint(result.impacted_substances)
[<ImpactedSubstance: {"cas_number": 10108-64-2, "percent_amount": 1.9}>,
 <ImpactedSubstance: {"cas_number": 107-06-2, "percent_amount": None}>,
 <ImpactedSubstance: {"cas_number": 115-96-8, "percent_amount": 15.0}>,


For information on testing, see the Contributing section of the documentation.


PyGranta BoM Analytics is provided under the terms of the MIT license. You can find this license in the LICENSE file at the root of the repository.

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