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Changelog tool for Ansible-base and Ansible collections

Project description

antsibull-changelog -- Ansible Changelog Tool

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A changelog generator used by ansible-core and Ansible collections.

antsibull-changelog is covered by the Ansible Code of Conduct.


It can be installed with pip:

pip install antsibull-changelog

For python projects, antsibull-changelog release can retrieve the current version from pyproject.toml. You can install the project with

pip install antsibull-changelog[toml]

to pull in the necessary toml parser for this feature. The toml extra is always available, but it is noop on Python >= 3.11, as tomllib is part of the standard library.

For more information, see the documentation.


Install and run nox to run all tests. That's it for simple contributions! nox will create virtual environments in .nox inside the checked out project and install the requirements needed to run the tests there.

To run specific tests:

  1. nox -e test to only run unit tests;
  2. nox -e integration to only run integration tests; this runs antsibull-changelog lint against antsibull-changelog and community.general (after cloning its repository) and records coverage data.
  3. nox -e coverage to display combined coverage results after running nox -e test integration;
  4. nox -e lint to run all linters and formatters at once;
  5. nox -e formatters to run isort and black;
  6. nox -e codeqa to run flake8, pylint, reuse lint, and antsibull-changelog lint;
  7. nox -e typing to run mypy and pyre

Creating a new release:

  1. Run nox -e bump -- <version> <release_summary_message>. This:
    • Bumps the package version in pyproject.toml.
    • Creates changelogs/fragments/<version>.yml with a release_summary section.
    • Runs antsibull-changelog release and adds the changed files to git.
    • Commits with message Release <version>. and runs git tag -a -m 'antsibull-changelog <version>' <version>.
    • Runs hatch build --clean.
  2. Run git push to the appropriate remotes.
  3. Once CI passes on GitHub, run nox -e publish. This:
    • Runs hatch publish;
    • Bumps the version to <version>.post0;
    • Adds the changed file to git and run git commit -m 'Post-release version bump.';
  4. Run git push --follow-tags to the appropriate remotes and create a GitHub release.


Unless otherwise noted in the code, it is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3 or, at your option, later. See LICENSES/GPL-3.0-or-later.txt for a copy of the license.

The repository follows the REUSE Specification for declaring copyright and licensing information. The only exception are changelog fragments in changelog/fragments/.

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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