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Warehouse Management and Logistics, base Anyblok modules

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AnyBlok / WMS Base

These are base Bloks to build Warehouse Management and Logistics applications with AnyBlok.

For the time being, this software is in early stage of development.

AnyBlok / WMS Base is released under the terms of the Mozilla Public License.


Release history


  • Merge of the Wms.Goods and Wms.Location Models into a single one: Wms.PhysObj. This impacts all existing code bases. Some limited upgrade logic is provided (don’t upgrade blindly a database if you care about it).

  • The date and time of planned Operations is no longer mandatory

  • Inventory Operations: Apparition, Disparition and Teleportation

  • Enrichment of Properties API

  • New methods current_avatar() and eventual_avatar of Wms.PhysObj (formerly Wms.Goods)

  • More flexibility and power in quantity queries (grouping, reuse)

  • Recursive queries for Types (subtype, behaviours)


  • Moved the quantity field of Goods from wms-core to the new optional wms-quantity Blok.

    Applications that need this field (mostly for goods kept in bulk) will have to install wms-quantity. wms-reservation still ignores the quantity field completely, i.e, no partial reservation is possible.

  • Location tags and recursive stock computations (now a transversal method on the Wms model).

  • Goods Type hierarchy and merging of behaviours

  • Properties on Goods types and defaulting rules from the Goods and across the hierarchy

  • new Operation: Assembly, for manufacturing processes with exactly one outcome


  • Published on PyPI

  • Implemented Avatars

  • Uniformisation of the relationship between Operations and Goods (Avatars)

  • wms-reservation: initial implementation (with architectural notes in documentation)

  • some factorisation of concrete Operation methods into the base class, leading to much simpler implementations.


  • First tag, not released to PyPI.

  • Operations behave consistently; in particular stock levels at a given Location are consistent for all Goods states at any date and time.

  • Initial Operations: Arrival, Departure, Move, Unpack, Split, Aggregate

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