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Postgresql database snapshot versionning tool

Project description

This tool basically manages versionned snapshots of the current database, mimicking the common workflow of VCS tools such as init, commit, revert, log, etc. It was first created to snapshot Odoo databases but may be easily modified to be agnostic.


This tool works on Python 2.7 and Python 3.x. Install as any normal Python distribution, in a virtualenv, buildout or system-wide. The only current dependency is psycopg2 >= 2.5.

Example with a virtualenv:

$ virtualenv sandbox && source sandbox/bin/activate
$ pip install


First read the available commands with odb -h. You get the available commands:

init                Set the current db
commit              Save the current db in a new revision
info                Display the revision of the current db
revert              Drop the current db and clone from a previous revision
log                 List all available revisions
purge               Destroy revisions
tags                List all tags
tag                 Tag a specific revision

You should first set the current database with odb init:

$ odb init demo8
Now revision 1

Then you can get the current revision with odb info:

$ odb info
database: demo8
revision : 1 (parent: 0)

Commit the current database to create a snapshot and a new revision with odb commit:

$ odb commit
Now revision 2
$ odb info
database: demo8
revision : 2 (parent: 1)
$ odb commit
Now revision 3
$ odb commit
Now revision 4

You can revert back to the last revision of the database (the parent) with odb revert:

$ odb revert
Reverted to parent 3, now at revision 4

You can also revert back to any previous revision:

$ odb revert 2
Reverted to parent 2, now at revision 4
$ odb info
database: demo8
revision : 4 (parent: 2)

You can put tags on a revision, revert to a tag and delete a tag with odb tag and odb tags:

$ odb tag v1 2
$ odb tag v2 3
$ odb tags
v2 (demo8*3)
v1 (demo8*2)
$ odb revert v1
Reverted to parent 2, now at revision 4
$ odb tag -d v1

The you can display all the revisions with odb log:

$ odb log
    revision: 4
    parent: 2
    revision: 3
    parent: 2
    tag: v2
    revision: 2
    parent: 1
    revision: 1
    parent: 0

Then you can purge all the revisions except the tags:

$ odb purge keeptags

or all the revisions:

$ odb purge all

How it works and pollutes

  • It uses the CREATE DATABASE FROM TEMPLATE feature of PostgreSQL
  • It currently stores version information in the ir_config_parameter table of Odoo (though this will change in the future).
  • It expects that the connection to PostgreSQL is done through Unix Domain Socket with the current user being allowed to create and drop databases.
  • It stores the current database in ~/

what’s next? (todo list)

  • Use a dedicated database to store version information instead of the ir_config_parameter table
  • Implement diff (#fear)
  • Improve the database naming scheme


Mercurial repository and bug tracker:

Run tests with:

$ python test


0.6 (2014-11-02)

  • fixed error in Python 3
  • remove tag and message of the current version after commit and revert

0.5 (2014-10-19)

  • Works on Python 3.1+
  • Works on Postgres 9.1 and maybe lower
  • odb purge keeptags : purge all but tags
  • implemented commit message
  • revert now checks that the source db exists (much safer)

0.4 (2014-10-19)

  • Implemented odb log
  • Implemented odb purge
  • Implemented odb tag and revert to tag
  • Implemented odb tags
  • Renamed version to revision
  • Renamed snapshot() to commit()

0.3 (2014-10-16)

  • Keep the same db as the current one to work in place
  • Fixed versionning and start at 1
  • Also disconnect during revert operation
  • Removed the unneeded tip

0.2 (2014-10-15 after sleeping)

  • Fixed packaging
  • Fixed the revert behaviour
  • Allow to revert without argument
  • Improved doc

0.1 (2014-10-15)

  • Initial draft

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