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Simplifies structured data processing

Project description

Note, this module is in experimental stage

This module provides SField class which is ised to avaoid lambdas there where function of one argument is required to be applied to multiple items Examples of such cases could be functions like: - sorted - filter - map - etc

Also this module provides shortcuts (already built SField instances), that could be starting point of SField expressions. They are: SF, F Both are same.

For example

import requests
from anyfield import F, SView
data = requests.get('')
data = data.json()
view = SView(F['id'],
for row in view(data):

Will result in:

[121393880, u'closed', u'fusion809', u'Rendering of markdown in HTML tags']
[120824892, u'closed', u'nitoyon', u'Fix bufprintf for Windows MinGW-w64']
[118147051, u'closed', u'clemensg', u'Fix header anchor normalization']
[115033701, u'closed', u'mitchelltd', u'Unicode headers produce invalid anchors']
[113887752, u'closed', u'Stemby', u'Definition lists']
[113740700, u'closed', u'Stemby', u'Multiline tables']
[112952970, u'closed', u'im-kulikov', u"recipe for target '' failed"]
[112494169, u'closed', u'mstahl', u'Unable to compile native extensions in O']
[111961692, u'closed', u'reiz', u'Adding dependency badge to README']
[111582314, u'closed', u'jamesaduke', u'Pre tags on code are not added when you ']
[108204636, u'closed', u'shaneog', u'Push 3.3.3 to Rubygems']

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