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aoe2de_rms_gen_obj_parser is a python package to parser Age of Empires2: Definitive Edition RMS

Project description

Parser to extract, from AoE2 DE file, the code that would be produced when ran with the constants contained in the RandomMapScript files


pip install aoe2de_rms_gen_obj_parser

Basic usage

from aoe2de_rms_gen_obj_parser import GeneratingObjectsParser
# We instantiate the GeneratingObjectsParser
parser = GeneratingObjectsParser("Path/to/", "Path/to/SomeRandomMapScript.rms")

# We must run the parsers each time an attribute is set, in order to update them

# We can now get the result for the parsing (done on the fly, that's why we must use run_parsers() first
parsed_content = parser.get_result()

Advanced Usage

The class GeneratingObjectsParser can be instantiate with up to 5 arguments.

Two are <<mandatory>> (they won’t have default values):

  • path_gen_obj, the path of the file

  • path_rms_file, the path of the .rms file (like Arabia.rms, Arena.rms …)

The three others are <<optional>> (they have default values) but must respect defined values:

  • map_size, must be a key of aoe2de_rms_gen_obj_parser.const.MAP_SIZE_DICT

  • map_resources, must be a key of aoe2de_rms_gen_obj_parser.const.MAP_RESOURCES_DICT

  • game_type, must be a key of aoe2de_rms_gen_obj_parser.const.GAME_TYPE_DICT

By default, these are set to TINY_MAP, OTHER_RESOURCES and OTHER_GAME

Because the attributes can be changed at will (setters exposed), the files must be parsed first with run_parsers() before asking for a result with get_result()

from aoe2de_rms_gen_obj_parser import GeneratingObjectsParser
# We instantiate the GeneratingObjectsParser
parser = GeneratingObjectsParser()
... <some code>
... <some code>
parsed_content = parser.get_result()

Information about

  • Contains the code for the map objects generation, from buildings, to resources, with units and some terrains, such as Town Centers, Villagers, Scouts, Stones, Golds, Huntables, Lurables …

  • The previous code is encapsulated in various if, elseif, else statements. Omitting else, they will have their corresponding constraint on a constant defined elsewhere (the .rms files)

Information about RandomMapScript.rms

  • Define base Land and Terrain

  • Define seasons if needed/wanted

  • Define the constants used by the file

Project details

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aoe2de_rms_gen_obj_parser-2.1.1.tar.gz (6.3 kB view hashes)

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