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Collection of API functions for Aruba products.

Project description


API connector for ArubaOS products

APIs supported:

  • ArubaOS-S Switches
  • ArubaOS-CX Switches
  • Aruba ClearPass


Install through pypi via pip:

pip install aos-api-connector

Or manually using the GitHub.


Every type of API has an API caller class. You can create instances of that class with at least three arguments:

  • Username
  • Password
  • URL / IP / FQDN address of the device

After creating the device, use connect() to create a session. Then use the other functions to use the API. When you are finished use disconnect() to logout.

AurubaOS-S Switch

from aos_api_connector.aos_s import aos_api_caller as aos_s

data = { "url": "",
  "username": "admin",
  "password": "Aruba123",
  "api_version": "v7"
switch = aos_s.AOSSwitchAPIClient(**data)
sys_info = switch.get_system_info()


from aos_api_connector.aos_cx import aoscx_api_caller as aos_cx

data = { "url": "",
  "username": "admin",
  "password": "Aruba123",
  "api_version": "v10.04"
switch = aos_cx.AOSCXwitchAPIClient(**data)
sys_info = switch.get_system_info()


ClearPass neds either an API token or a username password. That has to be set during instantiation of the API caller class. You can choose with which you want to login, look into example folder for more info.

from  aos_api_connector.cppm import cppm_api_caller as cppm

data = {  
	"url": "",  
	"api_version": "v1",  
	"client_id": "api_client",  
	"grant_type": "client_credentials",  
	"client_secret": "lTOcISWlXzDV3HCZLT8CVJlN9zxrUirdP+gHpva4mWZ5"  
cppm_test = cppm.CPPMAPIClient(**data)
nd_info = cppm_test.get_all_network_devices()  
for nd in nd_info['_embedded']['items']:  
    print(f"Name: {nd['name']} \nIP: {nd['ip_address']} \n\n")

Please note that there is no syntax check!

Some parameters are case sensitive. For example, api_version, there is no check for "V7" or "v7", but only "v7" will work.

Differences between classes

The functions between the two classes should have the same name, if they end up doing the same. So both classes have connect(), disconnect() or get_vlans() even if they are implemented differently.


I am working on implementing more functions and to create classes for the ClearPass and ArubaOS WLAN APIs. After that I will create workflows spanning different APIs.

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