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Provider package apache-airflow-providers-amazon for Apache Airflow

Project description

Package apache-airflow-providers-amazon

Release: 2.3.0

Amazon integration (including Amazon Web Services (AWS)).

Provider package

This is a provider package for amazon provider. All classes for this provider package are in python package.

You can find package information and changelog for the provider in the documentation.


You can install this package on top of an existing airflow 2.1+ installation via pip install apache-airflow-providers-amazon

The package supports the following python versions: 3.6,3.7,3.8,3.9

PIP requirements

PIP package Version required
apache-airflow >=2.1.0
boto3 >=1.15.0,<1.19.0
jsonpath_ng >=1.5.3
watchtower ~=1.0.6

Cross provider package dependencies

Those are dependencies that might be needed in order to use all the features of the package. You need to install the specified provider packages in order to use them.

You can install such cross-provider dependencies when installing from PyPI. For example:

pip install apache-airflow-providers-amazon[apache.hive]
Dependent package Extra
apache-airflow-providers-apache-hive apache.hive
apache-airflow-providers-cncf-kubernetes cncf.kubernetes
apache-airflow-providers-exasol exasol
apache-airflow-providers-ftp ftp
apache-airflow-providers-google google
apache-airflow-providers-imap imap
apache-airflow-providers-mongo mongo
apache-airflow-providers-mysql mysql
apache-airflow-providers-postgres postgres
apache-airflow-providers-salesforce salesforce
apache-airflow-providers-ssh ssh



The Redshift operators in this version require at least 2.3.0 version of the Postgres Provider. This is reflected in the [postgres] extra, but extras do not guarantee that the right version of dependencies is installed (depending on the installation method). In case you have problems with running Redshift operators, upgrade apache-airflow-providers-postgres provider to at least version 2.3.0.


  • Add IAM Role Credentials to S3ToRedshiftTransfer and RedshiftToS3Transfer (#18156)
  • Adding missing 'replace' param in docstring (#18241)
  • Added upsert method on S3ToRedshift operator (#18027)
  • Add Spark to the EMR cluster for the job flow examples (#17563)
  • Update (#18561)
  • ECSOperator realtime logging (#17626)
  • Deprecate default pod name in EKSPodOperator (#18036)
  • Aws secrets manager backend (#17448)
  • sftp_to_s3 stream file option (#17609)
  • AwsBaseHook make client_type resource_type optional params for get_client_type, get_resource_type (#17987)
  • Delete unnecessary parameters in EKSPodOperator (#17960)
  • Enable AWS Secrets Manager backend to retrieve conns using different fields (#18764)
  • Add emr cluster link (#18691)
  • AwsGlueJobOperator: add wait_for_completion to Glue job run (#18814)
  • Enable FTPToS3Operator to transfer several files (#17937)
  • Amazon Athena Example (#18785)
  • AwsGlueJobOperator: add run_job_kwargs to Glue job run (#16796)
  • Amazon SQS Example (#18760)
  • Adds an s3 list prefixes operator (#17145)
  • Add additional dependency for postgres extra for amazon provider (#18737)
  • Support all Unix wildcards in S3KeySensor (#18211)
  • Add AWS Fargate profile support (#18645)

Bug Fixes

  • ECSOperator returns last logs when ECS task fails (#17209)
  • Refresh credentials for long-running pods on EKS (#17951)
  • ECSOperator: airflow exception on edge case when cloudwatch log stream is not found (#18733)



  • Add an Amazon EMR on EKS provider package (#16766)
  • Add optional SQL parameters in ''RedshiftToS3Operator'' (#17640)
  • Add new LocalFilesystemToS3Operator under Amazon provider (#17168) (#17382)
  • Add Mongo projections to hook and transfer (#17379)
  • make platform version as independent parameter of ECSOperator (#17281)
  • Improve AWS SQS Sensor (#16880) (#16904)
  • Implemented Basic EKS Integration (#16571)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing ParamValidationError when executing load_file in Glue hooks/operators (#16012)
  • Fixes #16972 - Slugify role session name in AWS base hook (#17210)
  • Fix broken XCOM in EKSPodOperator (#17918)


  • Optimise connection importing for Airflow 2.2.0
  • Fix provider.yaml errors due to exit(0) in test (#17858)
  • Adds secrets backend/logging/auth information to provider yaml (#17625)



  • Allow attaching to previously launched task in ECSOperator (#16685)
  • Update AWS Base hook to use refreshable credentials (#16770) (#16771)
  • Added select_query to the templated fields in RedshiftToS3Operator (#16767)
  • AWS Hook - allow IDP HTTP retry (#12639) (#16612)
  • Update Boto3 API calls in ECSOperator (#16050)
  • Adding custom Salesforce connection type + SalesforceToS3Operator updates (#17162)
  • Adding SalesforceToS3Operator to Amazon Provider (#17094)

Bug Fixes

  • AWS DataSync default polling adjusted from 5s to 30s (#11011)
  • Fix wrong template_fields_renderers for AWS operators (#16820)
  • AWS DataSync cancel task on exception (#11011) (#16589)
  • Fixed template_fields_renderers for Amazon provider (#17087)
  • removing try-catch block (#17081)
  • ECSOperator / pass context to self.xcom_pull as it was missing (when using reattach) (#17141)
  • Made S3ToRedshiftOperator transaction safe (#17117)


Breaking changes

  • Auto-apply apply_default decorator (#15667)


Due to apply_default decorator removal, this version of the provider requires Airflow 2.1.0+. If your Airflow version is < 2.1.0, and you want to install this provider version, first upgrade Airflow to at least version 2.1.0. Otherwise your Airflow package version will be upgraded automatically and you will have to manually run airflow upgrade db to complete the migration.


  • CloudwatchTaskHandler reads timestamp from Cloudwatch events (#15173)
  • remove retry for now (#16150)
  • Remove the 'not-allow-trailing-slash' rule on S3_hook (#15609)
  • Add support of capacity provider strategy for ECSOperator (#15848)
  • Update copy command for s3 to redshift (#16241)
  • Make job name check optional in SageMakerTrainingOperator (#16327)
  • Add AWS DMS replication task operators (#15850)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix S3 Select payload join (#16189)
  • Fix spacing in 'AwsBatchWaitersHook' docstring (#15839)
  • MongoToS3Operator failed when running with a single query (not aggregate pipeline) (#15680)
  • fix: AwsGlueJobOperator change order of args for load_file (#16216)
  • Fix S3ToFTPOperator (#13796)



  • S3Hook.load_file should accept Path object in addition to str (#15232)

Bug fixes

  • Fix 'logging.exception' redundancy (#14823)
  • Fix AthenaSensor calling AthenaHook incorrectly (#15427)
  • Add links to new modules for deprecated modules (#15316)
  • Fixes doc for SQSSensor (#15323)



  • A bunch of template_fields_renderers additions (#15130)
  • Send region_name into parent class of AwsGlueJobHook (#14251)
  • Added retry to ECS Operator (#14263)
  • Make script_args templated in AwsGlueJobOperator (#14925)
  • Add FTPToS3Operator (#13707)
  • Implemented S3 Bucket Tagging (#14402)
  • S3DataSource is not required (#14220)

Bug fixes

  • AWS: Do not log info when SSM & SecretsManager secret not found (#15120)
  • Cache Hook when initializing 'CloudFormationCreateStackSensor' (#14638)



  • Avoid using threads in S3 remote logging upload (#14414)
  • Allow AWS Operator RedshiftToS3Transfer To Run a Custom Query (#14177)
  • includes the STS token if STS credentials are used (#11227)



  • Adding support to put extra arguments for Glue Job. (#14027)
  • Add aws ses email backend for use with EmailOperator. (#13986)
  • Add bucket_name to template fileds in S3 operators (#13973)
  • Add ExasolToS3Operator (#13847)
  • AWS Glue Crawler Integration (#13072)
  • Add acl_policy to S3CopyObjectOperator (#13773)
  • AllowDiskUse parameter and docs in MongotoS3Operator (#12033)
  • Add S3ToFTPOperator (#11747)
  • add xcom push for ECSOperator (#12096)
  • [AIRFLOW-3723] Add Gzip capability to mongo_to_S3 operator (#13187)
  • Add S3KeySizeSensor (#13049)
  • Add 'mongo_collection' to template_fields in MongoToS3Operator (#13361)
  • Allow Tags on AWS Batch Job Submission (#13396)

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug in GCSToS3Operator (#13718)
  • Fix S3KeysUnchangedSensor so that template_fields work (#13490)


Initial version of the provider.

Project details

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