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APEX reference implementation.

Project description

APEX is a next generation APRS based protocol. This repository represents the reference implementation and is a full features application for digipeating across multiple AX.25 KISS TNC devices using the full APEX stack.

For more information on the project please check out the project’s home page.


Install the application using pip.

pip install apex-radio

Running the app

The application is written for python 2 or 3. Once installed copy the apex.conf.example file over to apex.conf in the /etc directory, then edit the file and replace it with your details. Next just run the application with the following command.

apex -v

There isn’t much to the application right now, so thats all you should need to run it. Digipeating will occur automatically and respond to the WIDEN-n paradigm as well as your own callsign. Cross-band repeating is enabled right now but only by specifying the call sign directly. The application is still pre-release so more features and configuration options should be added soon.

This is Free software: Apache License v2



Initial setup:

pip install -U pyenv tox
pyenv install 2.7 3.3.6 3.4.5 3.5.2 pypy-5.4.1
pyenv global 2.7 3.3.6 3.4.5 3.5.2 pypy-5.4.1

NOTE: The specific versions mentioned above may be different for each platform. use pyenv install –list to view the list of available versions. You will need a version of 2.7.x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x, 3.5.x, and pypy. Try to use the latest available version for each. Also some flavors of pyenv have different formats for it’s arguments. So read the pyenv documentation on your platform.

To run all tests:


Note, to combine the coverage data from all the tox environments run:


set PYTEST_ADDOPTS=--cov-append


PYTEST_ADDOPTS=--cov-append tox



  • Changed the APRS-IS config section to be named IGATE instead.

  • Output now displays IGATE as the source/destination instead of APRS-IS.

  • Made IGATE a reserved name in the configuration, it cannot be used for a TNC name.

  • Removed a catch-everything block, the result is exceptions will now cause the application to exit.

  • Fixed several bugs specific to python3, should now work under python3.

  • KISS TNC connections will now automatically reconnect if disconnected.


  • Colorized the output from the plugins.

  • Removed packet_cache argument from plugins, it is no longer needed.

  • Mechanisms added to ensure plugins can not send the same packet twice, plugins no longer need to handle this explicitly.

  • Fixed a bug where packets can be digipeated multiple times.


  • Reordered changelog version entries.

  • Fixed several mistakes in the README.


  • The configfile command line argument added.

  • When no configfile argument present APEX will now search multiple default paths to find a configuration file.

  • Changed LICENSE file text to include the full text of the Apache Software License version 2.

  • Colorized some of the output.

  • Changed the way plugins are discovered, they can now be installed anywhere.

  • Fixed a bug in the APRS-IS class which threw a broken pipe error.

  • Refactored several classes and renamed them: Kiss class now has two subclasses and AprsInternetServer is renamed to IGate

  • Encapsulated IGate connection with a buffer that automatically reconnects when disconnected.

  • Removed a few obsolete and unused util functions.

  • Fix several errors thrown due to missing sections in the configuration file.


  • First release on PyPI.

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