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Small, opinionated library for building REST APIs.

Project description


Apian is an opinionated library for setting up a Python-based service with a minimum of boilerplate. It is a thin wrapper around flask-restplus and provides:

  • Documentation using OpenAPI.

  • Info and health resources.

  • JWT-based authentication.

  • Configuration injection using miniscule.


Add a configuration file config.yaml in the root of the project, with the following contents:

environment: production
debug: False
  enabled: True
  secret: secret

To create a Flask application and run it on localhost:5000:

from apian import read_config, create_api, create_app, authenticated
from flask_restplus import Namespace, Resource

ns = Namespace("user")

class UserItem(Resource):

    def get(self, user_id):
        return user_id

config = read_config()
api = create_app("my-app", config)
app = create_app(api, config)

The application has endpoints at the paths:

  • GET /my-app/api/info - Return information about the service.

  • GET /my-app/api/health - Return the health status of the service.

  • GET /my-app/api/user - Return the user ID set in the Bearer token.

To access the user resource, ensure that the requests package is installed and execute the following snippet:

import jwt
import requests

def auth_token():
  user_id = 10
  claims = {"iat": dt.datetime.utcnow(), "sub": user_id}
  key = "secret"
  return jwt.encode(claims, key, "HS256")

headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer {}".format(
requests.get("http://localhost:5000/my-app/api/user", headers=headers)

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