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Cross-platform application utilities in Python

Project description


applib is a set of cross-platform application utilities that originated in the PyPM project at ActiveState. It contains the following modules:

  • sh: shell related operations including compression routines

  • textui: utilities for textual UI such as progress bar and column printing

  • log: log file rolling, exception-and-verbosity, sub commands, etc.

If you’re interested in this module, please let me know - as that may motivate me to document it fully.



Release date: 20-December-2010

  • applib now depends on appdirs and six

  • #1: Deprecate applib.base.Locations and applib.locations in favour of ‘appdirs’

  • #3: sh.unpack now ensures single top-level directory

  • #4: Stop using unicode (py3k); applib now depends on the six package

  • #5: Stop using raw_input (py3k)

  • #6: Progress Bar prints delay with proper precision on py3k

  • textui: Progress Bar shows ETA

  • #8: progressbar prints floats as delay on py3k

  • textui: ProgressBar.iterate clean-ups output if there is an exception/break

  • textui: ProgressBar.iterate(post=’…’) to print post message after progress

  • compression: Workaround zipfile bug with long paths on Windows (issue10447)

  • proc: make accept cmd as a list of arguments

  • _simpledb: force PickeType to use protocol 2. PyPM Bug #88882

  • textui: Make colprint not prune columns when stdout is not a terminal


Release date: 23-July-2010

  • applib.log: support for specifying the default verbosity level


Release date: 29-Jun-2010

  • bb #1: Broken pipe error when breaking less


Release date: 27-May-2010

  • More Python3 related fixes


Release date: 25-May-2010

  • Fixed UnboundLocalError with ‘sys’ in


Release date: 28-Apr-2010

  • Fixed sys.exc_info related Python3 port


Release date: 28-Apr-2010

  • Updated applib._cmdln with cmdln:^/branches/cfg


Release date: 28-Apr-2010

  • Fixed more modules supporting Python 3


Release date: 28-Apr-2010

  • Python 3 support


Release date: 13-Apr-2010

  • Fix a NameError with _proc.RunTimedout


Release date: 30-Mar-2010

  • Fix: require_option was throwing Exception with empty message


Release date: 19-Mar-2010

  • Add applib.textui:askyesno

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