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Aptos SDK

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Aptos Python SDK

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This provides basic functionalities to interact with Aptos. Get started here.

Currently, this is still in development and may not be suitable for production purposes.

Note: The sync client is deprecated, please only start new projects using the async client. Feature contributions to the sync client will be rejected.


This SDK uses Poetry for packaging and dependency management:

curl -sSL | python3 -
poetry install

Unit testing

make test

E2E testing and Using the Aptos CLI

  • Download the Aptos CLI.
  • Set the environment variable APTOS_CLI_PATH to the full path of the CLI.
  • make examples_cli

We of course allow you to do this a bit more manually by:

First, run a local testnet (run this from the root of aptos-core):

cargo run -p aptos -- node run-local-testnet --force-restart --assume-yes

Next, tell the end-to-end tests to talk to this locally running testnet:

export APTOS_NODE_URL=""

Finally run the tests:

make examples

Note: These end-to-end tests are tested against a node built from the same commit as part of CI, not devnet. For examples tested against devnet, see developer-docs-site/static/examples/python/ from the root of the repo.

Integration Testing Using the Aptos CLI

make examples_cli


make fmt


make lint

Package Publishing

  • Download the Aptos CLI.
  • Set the environment variable APTOS_CLI_PATH to the full path of the CLI.
  • poetry run python -m aptos_sdk.cli and set the appropriate command-line parameters

Generating types

The Python openapi-python-client tool cannot parse references. Therefore there are three options:

  • Use swagger-cli to dereference, gain a type explosion, and still have missing types
  • Live without missing types
  • Write a pure python implementation with no autogenerated code

Currently the team is moving forward with pure python, but leaves the following notes for the curious:

npm install  -g @apidevtools/swagger-cli
swagger-cli bundle --dereference ../../../api/doc/v0/openapi.yaml  -t yaml > openapi.yaml
python3 -m openapi_python_client generate --path openapi.yaml
mv aptos-dev-api-specification-client/aptos_dev_api_specification_client/ aptos_sdk/openapi

Semantic versioning

This project follows semver as closely as possible

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