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Native Mac OS UI elements with python

Project description


Display native dialogs, alerts, notifications, color pickers, and more with Python

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💥 This library is still a work in progress.

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  • Display dialogs
    • Dialog prompts
    • Icon support
  • Alerts
  • Choice dialogs
  • Notifications
    • Customize title, subtitle, and informational text
    • Customize icon
    • Schedulable
    • Callbacks (button pressed, reply text) – relevant stackoverflow answer
    • Fallback (AppleScript) notifications
  • Color picker
  • File/folder picker


Find the documentation in the docs/ folder


See the examples/ directory. Feel free to make a pull request to add more examples.

Show a dialog with the buttons "Go" (default) and "No" (to cancel) with the caution icon:

from aquaui import Dialog, Buttons, Icon

buttons = Buttons(["Go", "No"], default_button="Go", cancel_button="No")
result = Dialog("Hello!").with_buttons(buttons).with_icon(Icon.CAUTION).show()

Execute functions based on the button clicked:

from aquaui import Dialog, Buttons

button_one = "One"
button_two = "Two"
buttons = Buttons([button_one, button_two])

result = Dialog("Press a button").with_buttons(buttons).show()

if result.button_returned == button_one:
  print("Button One was pressed")
elif result.button_returned == button_two:
  print("Button Two was pressed")

Display a choice dialog with the options "Netflix" and "Prime Video"

from aquaui import Choice

provider = Choice("Choose the streaming platform").with_choices(["Netflix", "Prime Video"]).show()

If this example interests you, check out my other library Flixpy.

Display a notification:

Warning: please read the documentation before using notifications. There are additional dependencies to install.

from aquaui.notification.native_notification import Notification

notification = (
    .with_subtitle("This is the subtitle!")
    .with_informative_text("Isn't this informative?")
    .with_identity_image("assets/folder.png")  # the image on the right of the notification

Schedule a notification:

from aquaui.notification.native_notification import Notification

notification = Notification("Your pizza is here!").with_delay(15).send()
# 15 seconds delay

Build setup

Clone or fork the repository, then run

poetry shell

poetry install
pre-commit install

Make changes, then run tests with

pytest tests

Ensure that all tests pass.

Recommended editor settings
  "python.formatting.provider": "black",
  "editor.formatOnSave": true,
  "[python]": {
    "editor.insertSpaces": true,
    "editor.detectIndentation": false,
    "editor.tabSize": 4
  "python.linting.enabled": true,
  "python.linting.flake8Enabled": true,
  "python.linting.pylintEnabled": false,
  "python.pythonPath": "/Users/yourusername/.../aquaui-UIHDsdfS-py3.7"



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