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Database models for ArangoDB using Pydantic base models.

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Database models for ArangoDB using Pydantic base models.


The package is available on PyPi:

pip install arangodantic

# Or with Shylock
pip install arangodantic[shylock]


Define your database models by extending either DocumentModel or EdgeModel. Nested structures can be created by extending pydantic.BaseModel.

Configure Arangodantic. You can optionally define a collection name prefix, a key generation function and a lock (needed if you want to use the locking functionality; Shylock is supported out of the box, any other locking service such as Sherlock should at least in theory also work).

Ensure you have an ArangoDB server available with known credentials

docker run --rm -p 8529:8529 -e ARANGO_ROOT_PASSWORD="" arangodb/arangodb:
import asyncio
from uuid import uuid4

from aioarangodb import ArangoClient
from pydantic import BaseModel
from shylock import AsyncLock as Lock
from shylock import ShylockAioArangoDBBackend
from shylock import configure as configure_shylock

from arangodantic import DocumentModel, EdgeModel, configure

# Define models
class Owner(BaseModel):
    """Dummy owner Pydantic model."""

    first_name: str
    last_name: str

class Company(DocumentModel):
    """Dummy company Arangodantic model."""

    company_id: str
    owner: Owner

class Link(EdgeModel):
    """Dummy Link Arangodantic model."""

    type: str

async def main():
    # Configure the database settings
    hosts = "http://localhost:8529"
    username = "root"
    password = ""
    database = "example"
    prefix = "example-"

    client = ArangoClient(hosts=hosts)
    # Connect to "_system" database and create the actual database if it doesn't exist
    # Only for demo, you likely want to create the database in advance.
    sys_db = await client.db("_system", username=username, password=password)
    if not await sys_db.has_database(database):
        await sys_db.create_database(database)

    # Configure Arangodantic and Shylock
    db = await client.db(database, username=username, password=password)
    configure_shylock(await ShylockAioArangoDBBackend.create(db, f"{prefix}shylock"))
    configure(db, prefix=prefix, key_gen=uuid4, lock=Lock)

    # Create collections if they don't yet exist
    # Only for demo, you likely want to create the collections in advance.
    await Company.ensure_collection()
    await Link.ensure_collection()

    # Let's create some example entries
    owner = Owner(first_name="John", last_name="Doe")
    company = Company(company_id="1234567-8", owner=owner)
    print(f"Company saved with key: {company.key_}")

    second_owner = Owner(first_name="Jane", last_name="Doe")
    second_company = Company(company_id="2345678-9", owner=second_owner)
    print(f"Second company saved with key: {second_company.key_}")

    link = Link(_from=company, _to=second_company, type="CustomerOf")
    print(f"Link saved with key: {link.key_}")

    # Hold named locks while loading and doing changes
    async with Company.lock_and_load(company.key_) as c:
        assert c.owner == owner
        c.owner = second_owner

    await company.reload()
    assert c.owner == company.owner
    print(f"Updated owner of company to '{company.owner!r}'")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Starting from Python 3.7 ->

    # Compatible with Python 3.6 ->
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
    result = loop.run_until_complete(main())

You might find migrate-anything useful for creating and managing collections and indexes.


This code is released under the BSD 3-Clause license. Details in the LICENSE file.

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