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Convert persian text to ascii art

Project description


making ascii-art out of Persian/Arabic text

Similar to the figlet and toilet tools, but for Persian and Arabic texts.


araste <your text>

use -f switch to choose font

araste 'your persian/arabic text' -f 'fontpath or fontname'

to get a list of installed fonts:

araste --list

for now, there are a few fonts that you can use:


it can also read text from stdin. so you can do something like this:

echo 'آراسته' | araste

to get help:

araste -h

an output with the default font (aipara):

        ████                ██        ██
  ████                      ██          ██
  ████    ██    ██  ██  ██  ██    ██    ██
    ██████████████████████  ██    ██    ██


araste has various filters for decorating the output. use filters with -F switch.

for instance, you can use rainbow filter like this:

$ araste 'colorful text' -F rainbow

also you can concatenate several filters. to do so, just type their names one by one after -F switch.

for instance:

$ araste نوشته -F hmirror box


║              ██                    ║
║██            ████      ████        ║
║                              ████  ║
║██  ████  ██  ██  ██    ██    ████  ║
║████████  ██████████████████████    ║
║    ██                              ║
║      ██                            ║
║                                    ║

to get a list of available filters, use --filter-list switch:

$ araste --filter-list

Install and Usage

for installing you only need to execute following command.

pip install araste

Note: if you get the following error: externally-managed-environment, you can install araste using pipx (Make sure that python-pipx is installed on your system.)

pipx install araste
  1. or to build it yourself:
git clone ''
cd araste
python3 bdist_wheel
pip install ./dist/araste-1.2.1-py3-none-any.whl

Instaling Fonts

For Installing Fonts You Can Use araste-get

araste-get FontName


to uninstall araste, simply use pip.

pip uninstall araste

Or pipx:

pipx uninstall araste

Creating New Fonts!

To get additional fonts for araste or to create your own custom fonts, use tools and manuals in araste-fonts repo.


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