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KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) for Archetypes

Project description


KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) for Archetypes

This product gives generic KSS support to Archetypes. It depends on the product “kss.core” and “”.

Features implemented

  • In-place field validation. In the edit field, when a field area is left, the field gets validated and field error message is displayed.

    This must be implemented for each field type individually. At the moment, only the stringField is done. To test, go to a mandatory field like Title, delete its value and try to leave it.

  • In-place form submission. When the Save button is pressed, we first validate the entire form from the page. If we have an error, we stay in the page and display the portal status message, plus every field error message. If there is no error, we resubmit the form.

    The form resubmission may be implemented in a more effective way in the future, together with the total rewrite of AT’s current submission scripts.


    • Implement field validation for all the other field types.

    • There is a lingering UnicodeDecodeError during the rendering of document_view. UPDATE. The problem is related to Zope 2.10 and/or AT, but since I can’t run AT trunk on Zope 2.9, I will need to provide a fix…

    • The popups for leaving the edit region are not hooked in. This means that sometimes the “do you want to leave the page” popup comes in where it should not be.

    • The loading of the kupu editor is done with a simple hack, it seems to be no clean way in javascript to find when the iframe has been loaded, some more complex hack is needed for this that works on all browsers and is reliable in all the cases.

KSS extensions defined for general purpose use

  • A generic macro replacer server action

  • client action for submitting to an url

  • client action for submitting the current form


1.6.0a3 (2010-03-09)

  • Made error message be a warning instead before the form has been submitted, this causes less disruption in a form while editing. [joelburton]

1.6.0a2 (2010-03-09)

  • Fixed test failure in testVersionPreviewIsNotInlineEditable. [hannosch]

1.6.0a1 (2009-11-19)

  • Fixed validation test to work with files.

  • Updated reference to IATDocument from Products.ATContentTypes to the standard location. [hannosch]

1.4.3 (2008-11-02)

  • Enable unlock on unload for inline edits. [alecm]

1.4.2 (2008-08-18)

  • Using an adapter to determine whether inline editing is enabled, so the default behaviour can easily be overridden. [fschulze]

  • Added check for site_property ‘enable_inline_editing’. This is a global setting which can still be overwritten with kss_inline_editable. [fschulze]

  • Adjusted deprecation warnings to point to Plone 4.0 instead of Plone 3.5 since we changed the version numbering again. [hannosch]

1.4 (2008-04-21)

  • test on global_inline_editable should happen only in getKssClassesInlineEditable() Fixed disabling of inline editing [fschulze]

  • Some Archetypes-validators expect the request as a keyword argument. Fixes #8005. [mborch]

1.4-rc1 (2008-03-25)

  • prepare for release [ree]

1.4-alpha1 (2008-03-09)

  • prepare for release [ree]

1.2.6 (2008-01-03)

  • Fixed i18n markup in [hannosch]

1.2.5 (2008-01-03)

  • Changed ‘saveField’ to not require ‘value’ explicitly but to take it from the request if missing. This was done to support the use of saveField-kssSubmitForm: currentForm(); which is needed for multi-valued form variables. [raphael] (2007-12-07)

1.2.4 (2007-12-06)

  • Fix #7236: Handle unregistered objects with a version id during inline edit. [alecm]

1.2.3 (2007-11-08)

  • prepare for release [ree]

1.2.2 (2007-10-06)

  • Prepare for release [ree]

1.2-1 (2007-09-10)

  • UID refactoring for fields (inline editing) support [mborch]

  • Make sure inline edit is not active in the versioning preview. (fixes #6958). From now on, the kss_inline_editable variable can be defined to False in a template and this will cause the contained widgets to be not inline editable even though their condition would allow it. [ree]

  • implement versioning work with inline edit (fixes #6938) [ree]

1.2 (2007-08-17)

  • Fix bugs and test layer [ree, gotcha, jvloothuis, nouri]

1.2-rc2 (2007-07-27)

  • inline edit for archetypes widget in view mode, first steps [gotcha]

1.2-rc1.1 (2007-07-1a2)

  • Prepare for release [ree]

1.2-rc1 (2007-07-08)

  • Cleaned up self.context usage. In browser views in Zope2 you need to do an aq_inner on self.context before using it. [hannosch]

1.2-beta2 (2007-04-30)

  • Prepare for release [ree]

1.2-beta1 (2007-03-04)

  • Prepare for release [ree]

1.2-alpha2 (2007-02-10)

  • Preparation for release [ree]

  • Initial package structure. [zopeskel]

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