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Are You a Human (AYAH) Python integration library and CAPTCHA alternative

Project description


Copyright (c) 2011 AYAH LLC



The AYAH Python Integration Library is compatible with Python 2.x and 3.x. (It was built and tested on versions 2.7.x and 3.2.x.) Python 3.x requires an extra installation step as described below.

Python 2.x Installation:

  1. Download and extract the appropriate source distribution for your OS.

  2. Install the package:

    python install

Python 3.x Installation:

  1. Download and extract the appropriate source distribution for your OS.

  2. Convert the package to Python 3.x:

    2to3 -wn ./ayah
  3. Install the package:

    python3 install


The AYAH Python Integration Library is compatible with all web application frameworks.

  1. Get your publisher key and scoring key from

  2. Import the ayah module:

    import ayah
  3. Configure the ayah module when your application initializes:

    ayah.configure(<your-publisher-key>, <your-scoring-key>)
  4. Display the AYAH HTML on any page that requires a human:

    html = ayah.get_publisher_html()

    Django: you can pass this HTML to the view through the context or simply call get_publisher_html() in the template.

  5. Allow the alleged human to complete the PlayThru challenge. When they’re finished, your web page will have a hidden field on it with id=”session_secret”.

  6. Use the value of the hidden session secret field to determine if the alleged human passed the challenge:

    passed = ayah.score_result(<session-secret>)

    Django: the hidden field will be available in your form object:

    if request.method == 'POST':
        form = LoginForm(request.POST)
        if form.is_valid():
            secret = form.cleaned_data['session_secret']
            passed = ayah.score_result(secret)
            # Redirect...
  7. If you’d like to record a conversion with our system, a special bit of HTML will need to be embedded in your ‘conversion’ page. To get that HTML, call the following method:

    html = ayah.record_conversion(<session-secret>)

Congratulations, your application detects humans without requiring CAPTCHA!

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