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Area and Volume Calculator

Project description

This python package is created to be used to compute the area ad volume of 2d and 3d shapes

The main purpose of the package is:

  1. To help individual having not to remember the formula of area and volume for ever 2d and 3d shapes
  2. To allow people to compute faster directly by feeding the data directly in the package
  3. lastly to reduce the human error when calculating the areas and volume of various shapes.

Their are many shapes i have covered in the package to allow every individual compute without restricting the package to only basic shapes

check out the list of shapes i have covered in the package FOR 2D SHAPES: 1) Circle 2) Rectangle 3) Square 4) Triangle 5) Ellipe 6) Rhombus 7) Parellelogram 8) Trapezium 9) Octagon 10) Pentagon 11) Hexaggon

FOR 3D SHAPES: 1) Cone 2) Cylinder 3) Sphere 4) Hemisphere 5) Regular Tetrahedron 6) Octahedron 7) Cube 8) Cuboid 9) Frustrum 10) Hexagonal_Pyramid 11) Right_Regular_Hexagonal_Prism 12) Torus 13) Right_Pentagonal_Pyramid 14) Right_Regular_Pentagonal_Prism 15) Triangular_Prism 16) Right_Square_Pyramid 17) Dodecahedron 18) Icosahedron

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