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Calculate area under curve

Project description

  • Version 1.0.6

  • Python 3.7+ module to calculate riemann sum area under a curve

  • Copyright 2019 Steven Mycynek

  • Supports

    • simpson, trapezoid, and midpoint algorithms,

    • n-degree single variable polynomials, including fractional exponents,

    • variable step size


USAGE = """ -p|--poly {DegreeN1:CoefficientM1, DegreeN2:CoefficientM2, ...}... -l|--lower <lower_bound> -u|--upper <upper_bound> -s|--step <step> -a|--algorithm <simpson | trapezoid | midpoint>

  • This was just a fun experiment I did on a couple airplane rides and might not be suitable for production use.
  • Try a simple function you can integrate by hand easily, like f(x) = x^3 from [0-10], and compare that to how accurate the midpoint, trapezoid, and simpson approximations are with various steps sizes.

  • Why not use numpy? You probably should, but I wanted to do everything from scratch for fun.


python3 --polynomial {3:1} --lower 0 --upper 10 --step .1 --algorithm simpson


import area_under_curve as auc

algorithm = auc.get_algorithm("simpson")

bounds = auc.Bounds(0, 10, .1)

polynomial = auc.Polynomial({3:1})

params = auc.Parameters(polynomial, bounds, algorithm)

AREA = auc.area_under_curve(params.polynomial, params.bounds, params.algorithm)


Also try out and

Use poetry install and poetry shell for a python3 environment with dev dependencies.

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