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SDK for the Argil API

Project description

Argil Python SDK

Welcome to the Argil Python SDK. This library provides a simple and intuitive interface to interact with Argil's API, allowing you to leverage the power of AI-driven workflows and automations in your Python applications.

For the full Argil documentation, please visit

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This library is distributed on PyPI. In order to add it as a dependency, run the following command:

pip install argil


Here is a quick example of how to use the Argil Python SDK:

from argil import ArgilSdk

sdk = ArgilSdk(api_key='your-api-key') // You can also provide your API key from ARGIL_API_KEY env variable

# Run a workflow
run ='workflow-id', {
    "input_field_name1": $input_value1,
    "input_field_name2": $input_value2
    // Input fields depends on the workflow you run, please look at our full documentation.

# Get a workflow run
workflow_run = sdk.workflowRuns.get(run['id'])

# List all workflow runs
workflow_run = sdk.workflowRuns.list()


API Reference

The Argil Python SDK provides the following classes:

  • ArgilSdk: The main class that provides access to the different services.
  • Workflows: A class for interacting with the Workflows service of the Argil API.
  • WorkflowRuns: A class for interacting with the WorkflowRuns service of the Argil API.
  • ArgilConfig: A class for managing the configuration for the SDK.
  • ArgilError: A custom error class for providing more detailed and specific error messages.

For more detailed information, please refer to the source code and inline comments.


We welcome contributions from the community.


This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. For more information, see the file.


If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please open an issue on our GitHub repository.


This project uses the following open-source packages:

  • requests: A simple, yet elegant HTTP library.


For any inquiries, please contact us at

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