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A collection of decorators to build command-line tools with minimal effort

Project description



A collection of decorators wrapping argparse module for building command-line tools with minimal effort.

Quick start


$ pip install argtools

Building a simple command-line tool

# examples/
from argtools import command, argument

@argument('foo', help='a positional arugment')
@argument('--bar', default=3, help='an optional argument')
def main(args):
    """ One line description here

    Write details here (printed with --help|-h)
    return 1  # return code

if __name__ == '__main__':
$ python
$ python -v   # Increasing the verbosity of logging module

The argument decorator has the same api as argparse.ArgumentParser.add_argument. See for details.

Building subcommands

# examples/
from argtools import command, argument

def foo(args):
    """ This is foo
    print 'foo'

def bar(args):
    """ This is bar
    print 'bar'

@command.add_sub(name=baz)  # set different name
def bar(args):
    """ This is baz
    print 'baz'

if __name__ == '__main__':
$ python foo      # print foo
$ python bar      # print bar
$ python bar -h   # print help text of bar subcommand

Other features

  • In, the logging module is setup. You can control the verbosity with options: -v, -vv, ..
  • In, SIGPIPE occured inside of wrapped function will be ignored to ease piping.
  • To use group or exclusive functionality of argparse, give argument objects (e.g. arg1, arg2, arg3) as, arg2, arg3) or @argument.exclusive(arg1, arg2, arg3), respectively (documentation is #TODO).
  • Builtin options: -v, --verbose and --debug can be turned off by setting command.add_verbose = False or command.add_debug = False

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