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A package to facilitate access to the Arlula Imagery Marketplace API

Project description

Arlula API Python Package


This package provides a core interface for interacting with the Arlula API. This package can be found on PyPI. Documentation for this package can be found below, but for extensive documentation see the wiki.


This package requires an active Arlula account and access to the API credentials. If you don't have an account, you can create one at


pip install arlulacore


Instantiate a Session object using your API credentials as below. This will validate your credentials and store them for the remainder of the session. This can be re-used for numerous requests or be instantiated numerous times with different credentials for concurrent access to different sessions.

import arlulacore

"""opening a session"""
arlula_session = arlulacore.Session(key, secret)

API Endpoints

This package contains methods for each of the supported API endpoints, namespaced by API namespace. Each namespace inherits the session defined above


api = arlulacore.ArlulaAPI(arlula_session)

archive = api.archiveAPI()

# Search for imagery around sydney between 2020-Jan-1 and 2020-Feb-1
# With at least 10m resolution (gsd)
search_result =
        start=date(2020, 1, 1), 
    .set_point_of_interest(-33.8688, 151.2093)
    .set_end(date(2020, 2, 1))

# Order a specific image from the archive, using the id from above, 
# the eula that applies to you, the bundle you want, and (optionally) 
# email and when it is complete.
order_result = archive.order(
        eula="Supplier's EULA",
    .set_emails(["", ""])


orders = api.ordersAPI()

# Get the status and details of an order
order = orders.get(

# Get a specific resource, for example thumbnails, tiffs, json metadata.
# Streams to a file and returns the file handle.
with orders.get_resource_as_file(id="b7adb198-3e6e-4217-9e67-fb26eb355cc4",filepath="downloads/thumbnail.jpg") as f:

# Get a specific resource, for example thumbnails, tiffs, json metadata.
# Returns the memory buffer of the requested resource.
# Not recommended for large files.
b = orders.get_resource_as_memory(

# List the details and status of all orders made
order_list = orders.list_orders()

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