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All Recurrent No-brainers In Cerfacs Applications

Project description

ARNICA or All Recurrent No-brainers In Cerfacs Applications

We keep there all the simple little things we regularly need, to ease the pain.

For example a cartesian-to-cylindrical conversion around x-axis, with a specific convention

def rtheta2yz(rrr, theta):
    """ return yz fror rtheta ,
    theta in  radians measure of ange in the yz plane,
    - range -pi/pi
    - 0 on the y+ axis (z=0, y>0)
    spanning -pi to pi

    -0.5pi=-90deg     o------>Z   0.5pi=90deg

    yyy = rrr * np.cos(theta)
    zzz = rrr * np.sin(theta)
    return yyy, zzz

Ok trivial, but I did mention it was a no-brainer no? Having these bits in a single repository adds the following values:

  • Unitary testing.
  • linting.
  • Automatic documentation.
  • Can be used by others in Cerfacs.

In Arnica, useful features related to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are implemented, namely:

  1. CFD related tools aiming to be used together with the Reactive software suite AVBP.
  2. CFD related bare functionnalities such as ParaView-readable XDMF writers from Numpy arrays, axi-symetric shell generators, 2D finite differences solvers, etc.

Contributors are, for the moment, the CERFACS/COOP Team that can be reached at

Documentation is available on internal Forge arnica at Nitrox or on arnica at ReadTheDocs.

Source code is hoster on internal Forge arnica at Nitrox, where all the devops occur. It is then mirrored at arnica at

If you are willing to contribute, please read carefully the guide in the file.


Arnica can be installed directly in your Python 3 environnement by running the command:

pip install arnica

This command will install Arnica and all its dependencies (if needed). Once this step is over you can use arnica as a Python module in a script:

import arnica



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