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Arramooz: Arabic Dictionary for Morphological analysis - python + sqlite

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Arabic Dictionary for Morphological analysis (Python + SQLite API)

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Developpers: Taha Zerrouki: taha dot zerrouki at gmail dot com Collect data manually Mohamed Kebdani, Morroco < med.kebdani>

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Release 0.4
License GPL
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Arramooz Alwaseet is an open source Arabic dictionary for morphological analyze, It can help Natural Language processing developers. This work is generated from the Ayaspell( Arabic spellchecker) brut data, which are collected manually.

This dictionary consists of three parts :

  • stop words
  • verbs
  • Nouns

Files formats and BUILD Dictionary in multiple format

For details about Data Structure, Look at arramooz

Database description


>>> import arramooz.arabicdictionary 
>>> mydict = arramooz.arabicdictionary.ArabicDictionary('verbs')
>>> wordlist = [u"استقلّ", u'استقل', u"كذب"]
>>> tmp_list = []
>>> for word in wordlist:
>>>     foundlist = mydict.lookup(word)
>>>     for word_tuple in foundlist:
>>>         word_tuple = dict(word_tuple) 
>>>         vocalized = word_tuple['vocalized']
>>>         tmp_list.append(dict(word_tuple))
>>> print(tmp_list)
[{'think_trans': 1, 'passive': 0, 'confirmed': 0, 'vocalized': u'اِسْتَقَلَّ', 'stamped': u'ستقل', 'future_moode': 0, 'triliteral': 0, 'future': 0, 'unthink_trans': 0, 'past': 0, 'unvocalized': u'استقل', 'future_type': u'َ', 'double_trans': 0, 'normalized': u'استقل', 'reflexive_trans': 0, 'imperative': 0, 'transitive': 1, 'root': u'قلل', 'id': 7495},
{'think_trans': 1, 'passive': 0, 'confirmed': 0, 'vocalized': u'كَذَبَ', 'stamped': u'كذب', 'future_moode': 0, 'triliteral': 1, 'future': 0, 'unthink_trans': 0, 'past': 0, 'unvocalized': u'كذب', 'future_type': u'كسرة', 'double_trans': 0, 'normalized': u'كذب', 'reflexive_trans': 0, 'imperative': 0, 'transitive': 1, 'root': u'كذب', 'id': 1072},
{'think_trans': 1, 'passive': 0, 'confirmed': 0, 'vocalized': u'كَذَّبَ', 'stamped': u'كذب', 'future_moode': 0, 'triliteral': 0, 'future': 0, 'unthink_trans': 0, 'past': 0, 'unvocalized': u'كذب', 'future_type': u'َ', 'double_trans': 0, 'normalized': u'كذب', 'reflexive_trans': 0, 'imperative': 0, 'transitive': 1, 'root': u'كذب', 'id': 2869}]


1- libqutrub

2- pyarabic 

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