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Feed converer for arxiv feeds

Project description

# arXiv decent feeds

Ever wanted to follow arXiv feeds on Slack, but try as you might slackbot was
unable to show arXiv updates?

Wonder no more! arXiv decent feeds reads and converts arXiv RSS feeds to valid
RSS 2.0 feeds that slackbot will (hopefully) read!

## Installation

pip install

## Usage

### Adding a feed

usage: arxivdf add [-h] url target_file

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit

For example, to add the `cs.LG` (Computer Science Learning) feed, one could do:

arxivdf add\?version\=2.0 cs.LG.rss

### Fetching updates

arxivdf update

### Generating feeds

If you added `cs.LG` as show above, after you can call the command `arxivdf
generate` your feed will be saved to the file `cs.LG.rss` in the current

### Periodically updating and generating feeds

Just set up a cron job with to do that. What I'm currently using is, with
a python virtualenv (the `source ~/venvs/feeds/bin/activate` part):

*/5 * * * * (source ~/venvs/feeds/bin/activate ; arxivdf update ; arxivdf generate)

Project details

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