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unofficial API tool for scientific publications

Project description

arxiver is an unoffical API for Cornell’s This package allows access for search results and new publications in various topics.

Getting started

Install arxiver by running the following command:

$ pip install arxiver

And then in your Python file add:

import arxiver

There are two main arxiver functions: get_new_publ and search.


Returns all new publications posted on given a certain topic in a Paper list.


topic: string that identifies from which topic the new publications should be retrieved. List of valid topics:

'astro-ph'      # Astrophysics
'cond-mat'      # Condensed Matter
'gr-qc'         # General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology
'hep-ex'        # High Energy Physics - Experiment
'hep-lat'       # High Energy Physics - Lattice
'hep-ph'        # High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
'hep-th'        # High Energy Physics - Theory
'math-ph'       # Mathematical Physics
'nlin'          # Nonlinear Sciences
'nucl-ex'       # Nuclear Experiment
'nucl-th'       # Nuclear Theory
'physics'       # Physics
'quant-ph'      # Quantum Physics

'math'          # Mathematics

'cs'            # Computer Science

'q-bio'         # Quantitative Biology
'q-fin'         # Quantitative Finance
'stat'          # Statistics


Return of list of papers from new publications in Computer Science and print out the link to each pdf:

papers = arxiver.get_new_publ('cs')
for paper in papers:
    print paper.pdf

search(query, max_results=30)

Return list of Paper objects from arxiv given a search query and a maximum number of results.


query: string search query to pass to

max_results: optional positive integer maxiumum number of results to be returned (default is 30)


Return a list of fifteen papers given ‘electron’ as a search term and print the abstract of each one:

papers ='electron', max_results=15)
for paper in paper:
    print paper.abstract


Paper objects have the following properties:

  • Paper.title the title of the paper

  • Paper.abstract the abstract or short summary

  • Paper.arxiv_id unique string that identifies the arxiv paper

  • Paper.pdf link to the pdf file of the whole paper

  • link to the page on that includes more information

  • Paper.authors list of authors reprented by dictionaries with key 'name' and 'link'

Project details

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