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Japanese Argument Structure Analyzer (ASA) client for Python

Project description

ASA Python

pyversion latest version license

Japanese Argument Structure Analyzer (ASA) client for Python.

It requires ASA (available at ; Written in Japanese), CaboCha (, and MeCab (

For details about ASA, See (Written in Japanese)

Contributions are welcome!


mkdir asa
cd asa
tar xzf asa20170503.tgz
pip install asa


from asa import ASA

# Initialize a ASA instance
analyzer = ASA(path-to-asa)

# Let's analyze a sample sentence
# =>
[{'ID': 0,
  'category': '人',
  'frame': '1-copula',
  'link': 1,
  'main': '彼',
  'part': 'は',
  'tense': 'PRESENT',
  'type': 'elem',
  'wakati': ['彼\tカレ\t\t名詞,代名詞,一般\t\t\tO', 'は\t\t\t助詞,係助詞\t\t\tO']},
 {'ID': 1,
  'category': '人',
  'frame': '0-elem',
  'link': -1,
  'main': '村長',
  'mood': 'INDICATIVE',
  'part': 'だ',
  'polarity': 'AFFIRMATIVE',
  'sentelem': 'PREDICATE',
  'tense': 'PRESENT',
  'type': 'copula',
  'voice': 'ACTIVE',
  'wakati': ['村長\tソンチョウ\t村長\t名詞,一般\t\t\tO', 'だ\t\t\t助動詞\t特殊・ダ\t基本形\tO']}]


MIT License


This module uses 意味役割付与システム (ASA) I thank to Okayama University Takeuchi Lab.


0.2 (2019-02-16)

  • Decrease parse() method of processing time (It makes about 36 times faster)

0.1.5 (2017-09-26)

  • Delete encoding option.

0.1.3 (2017-09-14)

  • First release.

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