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ASGI RateLimit

Limit user access frequency. Base on ASGI.

100% coverage. High performance. Support regular matching. Customizable.


# Only install
pip install asgi-ratelimit

# Use redis
pip install asgi-ratelimit[redis]

# Use jwt
pip install asgi-ratelimit[jwt]

# Install all
pip install asgi-ratelimit[full]


The following example will limit users under the "default" group to access /second_limit at most once per second and /minute_limit at most once per minute. And the users in the "admin" group have no restrictions.

from typing import Tuple

from ratelimit import RateLimitMiddleware, Rule
from ratelimit.auths import EmptyInformation
from ratelimit.backends.redis import RedisBackend

async def AUTH_FUNCTION(scope) -> Tuple[str, str]:
    Resolve the user's unique identifier and the user's group from ASGI SCOPE.

    If there is no user information, it should raise `EmptyInformation`.
    If there is no group information, it should return "default".

rate_limit = RateLimitMiddleware(
        r"^/second_limit": [Rule(second=1), Rule(group="admin")],
        r"^/minute_limit": [Rule(minute=1), Rule(group="admin")],

# Or in starlette/fastapi/
        r"^/second_limit": [Rule(second=1), Rule(group="admin")],
        r"^/minute_limit": [Rule(minute=1), Rule(group="admin")],

Block time

When the user's request frequency triggers the upper limit, all requests in the following period of time will be returned with a 429 status code.

Example: Rule(second=5, block_time=60), this rule will limit the user to a maximum of 5 visits per second. Once this limit is exceeded, all requests within the next 60 seconds will return 429.

Built-in auth functions

Client IP

from ratelimit.auths.ip import client_ip

Obtain user IP through scope["client"] or X-Real-IP.

Starlette Session

from ratelimit.auths.session import from_session

Get user and group from scope["session"].

If key group not in session, will return default. If key user not in session, will raise a EmptyInformation.

Json Web Token

from ratelimit.auths.jwt import create_jwt_auth

jwt_auth = create_jwt_auth("KEY", "HS256")

Get user and group from JWT that in Authorization header.

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