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Test Clietn for ASGI web applications

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Testing ASGI applications made easy!

The why?

Why would you build this when all web frameworks come with one? Well, because mostly all those web frameworks have to build their own. I was building my own web framework perhaps (research & learning purpose) and got to the point where a needed a TestClient but then a asked my self why does anybody building web frameworks have to build their own TestClient when there's a standard?. Ok, then just install starlette a use it test client; would you install a library just to use a tiny part of it? This client does not have any dependencies.


Python 3.6+

It should run on Python 3.5 but I haven' tested it.


pip install asgi-testclient


The client replicates the requests API, so if you have used request you should feel comfortable. Note: the client method are coroutines get, post, delete, put, patch, etc...

import pytest
from asgi_testclient import TestClient

from myapp import API

def client():
    return TestClient(API)

async def test_get(client):
    response = await client.get("/")
    assert response.json() == {"hello": "world"}
    assert response.status_code == 200

I have used pytest in this example but you can use whichever runner you prefer.

If you still prefer simple functions to coroutines, you can use the sync interface:

import pytest
from asgi_testclient.sync import TestClient

def client():
    return TestClient(API)

def test_get(client):
    response = client.get("/")
    assert response.json() == {"hello": "world"}
    assert response.status_code == 200

Take in account that if you're running inside an async app you should use the async client, yet you can run the sync one inside threads is still desired.


If you're using ASGI you may be doing some web-sockets stuff. We have added support for it also, so you can test it easy.

from asgi_testclient import TestClient
from myapp import API

async def test_send():
    echo_server = TestClient(API)
    websocket = await echo_server.ws_connect("/")
    for msg in ["Hey", "Echo", "Back"]:
        await websocket.send_text(msg)
        data = await websocket.receive_text()
        assert data == msg
    await websocket.close()

async def test_ws_context():
    client = TestClient(API)
    async with client.ws_session("/") as websocket:
        data = await websocket.receive_text()
        assert data == "Hello, world!"

Few things to take in count here:

  1. When using ws_connect you must call websocket.close() to finish up your APP task.
  2. For using websockets in context manager you must use ws_session instead of ws_connect.
  3. When waiting on server response websocker.receive_* it may raise a WsDisconnect.

And one more time for those who don't want to this async we got the sync version:p

from asgi_testclient.sync import TestClient
from myapp import API

client = TestClient(API)

def test_send_receive_json():
    websocket = client.ws_connect("/json")

    json_msg = {"hello": "test"}

    assert websocket.receive_json() == json_msg

def test_ws_context():
    with client.ws_session("/") as websocket:
        data = websocket.receive_text()
        assert data == "Hello, world!"

Important: In the sync version you cannot use send or receive since they're coroutines, instead use their children send_* or receive_* text|bytes|json.

Also sync version is done throw monkey patching so you can't use both version async & sync at the same time.


  • Support Websockets client.
  • Cookies support.
  • Redirects.
  • Support files encoding
  • Stream request & response


  • Tom Christie: I brought inspiration from the starlette test client.
  • Kenneth ☤ Reitz: This package tries to replicate requests API.

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