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Aspose.Zip for Python via .NET is a library that can be used by Python developers for a variety of archive-processing tasks. It supports ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO, LZIP, 7Z, LZMA, XZ and Z formats. It allows you to encrypt and decrypt files, create self-extracting archives and extract RAR, CAB, WIM formats as well. The API is easy to use and robust.

Project description

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Aspose.Zip for Python via .NET is a Python API to create, manipulate, extract & protect archive formats including ZIP, BZIP, BZ2 & TAR. It allows your Python applications to compress/decompress files and folders without getting into the complexity of coding new compression algorithms or understanding the existing ones. Enable your programs to work with a vast range of features, such as creating archives, saving archives, archive extraction, encrypting/decrypting archives, compressing single or multiple files as well as directory contents. It also allows you to apply security to your archived and compressed files and folders via password, AES (128, 192, 256) encryption, or mixed encryption. Check out the Landing Pages of Aspose.Zip for Python via .NET for a more detailed description of the features and possibilities of the library.

Archive Processing Features

  • Compress files and folders into standard ZIP formats.
  • Supports Deflate, Bzip2 & LZMA compression algorithms.
  • Apply simple password or AES128, AES192, AES256 encryption to archives.
  • Employ different protection schemes for each file within an archive.
  • Append more files to an existing zipped archive.
  • Use Gzip or Bzip2 to pack files & folders into a TAR archive.
  • Supports LZMA or LZMA2 compression & optional encryption to create 7z archives.
  • Create self-extracting compressed archives.

Compress Files As

Compression: Zip, Tar, Cpio, GZip, Bz2, Z, Xz, Lzip, 7z

Read Archives

Decompression: Zip, Rar, Cab, Tar, Cpio, GZip, Bz2, Z, Xz, Lzip

Platform Independence

Aspose.Zip for Python via .NET can be used to develop 32-bit and 64-bit Python applications for different operating systems (such as Windows, Linux or MacOS) where Python 3.5 or later is installed.

Get Started

Run pip install aspose-zip to fetch the package. If you already have Aspose.Zip for Python via .NET and want to get the latest version, please run pip install --upgrade aspose-zip.

To learn more about Aspose.Zip for Python via .NET and explore the basic requirements and features of the library, check out the following Aspose.Zip for Python via .NET Documentation pages for other use cases.

How to ZIP files

import as zp

with zp.Archive() as archive:
	archive.create_entry("entry_name.dat", "input_file.dat")'')

How to UnZIP files

import as zp

with zp.Archive("") as archive:

How to create 7z Archive with AES Encryption

import as zp
import io

with zp.sevenzip.SevenZipArchive(zp.saving.SevenZipEntrySettings(None, zp.saving.SevenZipAESEncryptionSettings("p@s$"))) as archive:
	archive.create_entry("data.bin", io.BytesIO(b"\x00\xFF"))"result_archive.7z")


Product Page | Documentation | Demos | Blog | API Reference | Search | Free Support | Temporary License

Project details

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