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Automatically assign review on gitlab/heptapod

Project description

This project aims to automatically assign unassigned pending merge-requests on a gitlab/heptapod instance.

Each member of a project can be randomly assigned to a pending merge-requests.

Assignbot assigns reviews to users, based on their preferences. Their preferences are store in a simple yaml file. The history of the assignment is stored in a CSV file, in a S3 storage.

The preferences file

The users define their “review preferences” in a preferences file, formatted in yaml.

The “preferences file” is a yaml file constructed as follow :

    max_auto_review_per_week: XXX
    max_auto_review_per_day: YYY
    max_auto_review_per_week: ZZZ
    max_auto_review_per_day: WWW

where username_1 is the username of a gitlab user, and max_auto_review_per_week (max_auto_review_per_day) is the maximum of automatically assigned review per week (per day).

The S3 storage

Assignbot uses a CSV file to keep track of users assignments. This CSV file is stored in an S3 storage. When you execute the bot, you must provide the following environment variables:

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: your S3 key ID

  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: your S3 secret access key

  • S3_ENDPOINT_URL: your S3 endpoint url

  • S3_BUCKET_NAME: the S3 bucket to be used

Executing the bot

Once assignbot installed, you can run it as follow :

  GITLAB_TOKEN="XXX-an-api-token" \
  S3_BUCKET_NAME="you_bucket_name" \
  AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="your_secret_access_key" \
  AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="your_access_key_id" \
  python3 -m assignbot ./users_preferences.yml

and the bot should start assigning merge requests to the users.

Use case example

To use this bot, you can add a new repository on your forge with the following .gitlab-ci.yml :

  stage: assign
    - schedules
      # there is a gitlab bug in the validation of AWS variables. We work
      # around it while waiting for the correction.
      # see:
    - pip install assignbot
    - python -m assignbot ./users_preferences.yml

This job assumes that you have defined the appropriate environment variables, and that you have a users_preferences.yml file at the root of this repository.

Then, you can create a new “schedule job” in gitlab, to call this job periodically.

Project details

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