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Astrophysical routines.




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Set of modules developed in Astronomical Institute of Wroclaw University. Contains wrappers for daophot package, star lists manipulation as pandas DataFrames with export/import to daophot and ds9 formats, genetic algorithm for searching for optimal PSF stars and other.


$ pip install astwro

You should setup paths to executables (e.g. your daophot). See documentation.


Package contains following modules:

  • pydaophot - wrapper for Peter Stetson’s DAOPHOT photometry suite:

d = astwro.pydaophot.Daophot(image='i.fits')
res = d.PHotometry(IS=35, OS=50, apertures=[8])
  • starlist - provides pandas objects for stars list, with import/export do daophot and ds9 formats.

s = res.photometry_starlist.sort_values('mag')
psf = astwro.starlist.read_dao_file('i.lst')
astwro.starlist.write_ds9_regions('i.reg', color='blue', indexes=[psf.index], colors=['red']) # PSF stars red
  • utils - some helpers for scripts.

dir = astwro.utils.tempdir('i.lst')
f = open(os.path.join(dir.path,'notimportant.txt'), 'w')
  • tools - command line (callable form python also) tools including gapick for finding optimal PSF-stars set using generic algorithm.

$ -od results -c i.coo i.fits


For any comments or wishes please e-mail for the following alias:

For any issues please use github tracker:

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