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As long there is no release instaled via ``pip``, clone or download project, e.g.

.. code:: bash

git clone

To have module accessible in your code, either:

- Put the ``astwro`` folder in the same folder as your script.
- Put the ``astwro`` folder in the standard location for modules so it is available to all scripts
- /Library/Python/2.6/site-packages/ (Mac OS X),
- /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ (Unix).
- Add the location of the module partent dir to sys.path in your script, before importing it. E.g. if ``astwro``
is in ``/users/majkelx/projects/astwro``:
.. code:: python

astwro_path = '/users/majkelx/projects'
import sys
if astwro_path not in sys.path: sys.path.append(astwro_path)
from astwro.pydaophot import *

.. note:: You must have DAOPHOT suite installed, to use pydaophot module.

*pydaophot* is a python module wrapper around Peter Stetson's DAOPHOT photometry suite.

To provide python interface to DAOPHOT suite which:

- is easy to use
- has convenient way to access daophot/allstar output data
- allows parallel execution of daophot/allstar

*pydaophot* uses configuration files and dict to obtain various settings. Currently [path/]name of DAOPHOT
executables ``daophot`` and ``allstar`` can be configured.

Example ``pydaophot.cfg`` config file:
.. code::

daophot = ~/bin/daophot/sdaophot
allstar = ~/bin/daophot/sallstar

pydaophot searches for configuration file ``pydaophot.cfg`` in following directories:

- ``/etc/pydaophot/``
- ``~/.config/pydaophot/``
- ``./``

Alternatively, one can provide those settings directly from code as follows:

.. code:: python

from astwro.pydaophot import daophot_cfg
daophot_cfg.set('executables', 'daophot', '/usr/local/bin/daophot')

.. code:: python

from astwro.pydaophot import daophot, allstar, fname

# create single instance of daophot runner. This istance will create
# temporary working directory. Without specifying daophotopt, and
# photoopt parameters, default files, from astwro/pydaophot/config, will be used
d = daophot()

# add commands to execute (not executed yet)
d.FInd(1, 1)

# clone daophot instance to setup different parameters for PSF
# each intance gets another option of PSF RADIUS
psf_radius = [14,16,18,20,22,24]
dphots = [d.clone() for _ in psf_radius]

# dphots contains list of daophot runner instances: ``DPRunner`` identical to d
# add OP and PS commands to execution stack
for dp, ps in zip(dphots, psf_radius):
dp.OPtion('PSF', ps)

# Run all six daophots in parallel
for dp in dphots:

# print result chi values. Each command has own results object e.g. PSf_result
# which gives access to all command output data
for dp in dphots:
print "PSF radius = {} gives chi = {}".format(dp.OPtion_result.get_option('PSF'), dp.PSf_result.chi)

# now prepare allstar runners, one for each daophot. By providing ``dir`` parameter, allstars will use
# daophot's working dirs.
allstars = [allstar(dp.dir, create_subtracted_image=True) for dp in dphots]

# run all allstars at once
for als in allstars:

# copy subtracted images to current dir with names corresponding to PSF RADIUS parameter
for als, ps in zip(allstars, psf_radius):
als.wait_for_results() # file operations doesnt wait for completion (as ..._result.get_XXX do)
als.copy_from_working_dir(fname.SUBTRACTED_IMAGE_FILE, "i-psf-{}.sub.fits".format(ps))

# current directory should contain 6 subtracted images as a result
# close al created runners (destructor of these objects closes them as well), this discards
# all temporary working directories
for runner in daophots + allstars:

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