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ASWF Docker Utilities

Project description

ASWF Python Utilities

Code style: black pytest coverage

The aswfdocker command line tool is available to help with package and image builds.


For users

Clone this repository and run the setup:

git clone
cd aswf-docker
python3 install

For developers

Install pipenv for Python 3 first:

pip3 install pipenv

Then clone this repository, start the pipenv shell and install the dev dependencies:

git clone
cd aswf-docker
pipenv shell
pipenv install --dev

You should now be in a Python virtualenv shell where the aswfdocker command is available.


You should check the command is working:

aswfdocker --help


List packages and images

List all known packages:

aswfdocker packages

List all known images:

aswfdocker images



Once in the pipenv shell you should first install the pre-commit hooks by running pre-commit install.

The pre-commit hooks will run the following commands, which can be run individually as well:

  • Run Black on the code to ensure formatting is okay: black python
  • Run the tests to ensure everything is okay: pytest python/aswfdocker
  • Run mypy to ensure static types are okay: mypy python/aswfdocker
  • Run PyLint on the code to ensure linting is okay: pylint python/aswfdocker

To run them all manually use pre-commit run --all-files.

Adding new pip dependencies

  • Run pipenv install xyz
  • Run pipenv-setup sync to update with added dependency (pipenv-setup is a "dev" dependency already declared in Pipfile)

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