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A simple asynchronous wrapper for the API.

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An, in the works, asynchronous wrapper for the API.

You can check out the (failing) pipelines @ gitlab.


The docs are available @ readthedocs.


The wrapper is available on PyPi, you can install it with:

pip install async_pokepy

Better caching

It's very recommended to install the library with lru-dict, you can do this by installing the wrapper with this command:

pip install async_pokepy[lru]

The wrapper will throw a warning if you try to use it without this extra package.

Tests and docs

If you also want to be able to run the tests/lint install it with:

pip install async_pokepy[tests]

The best way to run tests is by using tox.

For docs building:

pip install async_pokepy[docs]


import asyncio

import async_pokepy

async def main(query):
    client = await async_pokepy.Client.connect()

    pokemon = await client.get_pokemon(query)

    fmt = ", ".join(map(str, pokemon.abilities))
    print("{0} has the abilities {1}".format(pokemon, fmt))

    await client.close()

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

This will output: "Snorlax has the abilities Gluttony, Thick Fat, Immunity".

You can check out more examples in the example folder in the github repository or in the introduction section of the docs.

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