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Simple package to run async tasks

Project description

Used to distribute tasks between configurable workers.


  • simple definition of a task as a normal function.

  • simple task processor is used for periodic tasks.

  • tarantool processor is used for listen tarantool queue and trigger task when data comes.

  • ability to retry on error (max_retries and retry_countdown options).

  • ability to bind task as self option to worker function.


  • [ ] Tests

  • [ ] Console utils


As usually use pip:

pip install async-task-processor

Usage examples

Periodic task processor example:

import time

from async_task_processor import ATP, TaskProcessor
from examples import logger

# first test function
def test_func_one(sleep_time, word):

    :type sleep_time: int
    :type word: str
    """'start working')
    time.sleep(sleep_time)'Job is done. Word is: %s' % word)

# second test function
def test_func_second(sleep_time, word):

    :type sleep_time: int
    :type word: str
    """'start working')
    time.sleep(sleep_time)'Job is done. Word is: %s' % word)

# third function with exception
def test_func_bad(self, sleep_time, word):

    :type self: async_task_processor.Task
    :type sleep_time: int
    :type word: str
    """'start working')
        a = 1 / 0
    except ZeroDivisionError:
        # optionally you can overload max_retries and retry_countdown here
    time.sleep(sleep_time)'Job is done. Word is: %s' % word)

atp = ATP(asyncio_debug=True)
task_processor = TaskProcessor(atp=atp)

# Add function to task processor
task_processor.add_task(test_func_one, args=[5, 'first hello world'], max_workers=5, timeout=1,
                        max_retries=5, retry_countdown=1)

# Add one more function to task processor
task_processor.add_task(test_func_second, args=[3, 'second hello world'], max_workers=5, timeout=1,
                        max_retries=5, retry_countdown=1)

# Add one more bad function with exception. This function will raise exception and will retry it,
# then when retries exceeded, workers of this func will stop one by one with exception MaxRetriesExceeded
# bind option make Task as self argument
task_processor.add_task(test_func_bad, args=[3, 'second hello world'], bind=True, max_workers=2, timeout=1,
                        max_retries=3, retry_countdown=3)
# Start async-task-processor

Tarantool task processor example:

import asyncio
import time

import aiotarantool_queue

from async_task_processor import ATP, TntTaskProcessor
from examples import logger

TARANTOOL_QUEUE = 'test_queue'
TARANTOOL_HOST = 'localhost'

def put_messages_to_tarantool(messages_count=1, queue_name='test_queue', host='localhost', port=3301, user=None,
    """Put some test messages to tarantool queue

    :param messages_count: messages number to put in queue
    :param queue_name: tarantool queue name
    :type queue_name: str
    :param host: tarantool host
    :param port: tarantool port
    :param user: tarantool user
    :param password: tarantool password

    async def put_job(queue, i):
        tube =
        await tube.put(dict(num=i, first_name='Jon', last_name='Smith'))

    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
    queue = aiotarantool_queue.Queue(host=host, port=port, user=user, password=password)
    put_tasks = [asyncio.async(put_job(queue, i)) for i in range(messages_count)]

# Let's put messages to tarantool
put_messages_to_tarantool(100, TARANTOOL_QUEUE, host=TARANTOOL_HOST, port=TARANTOOL_PORT,
                          user=TARANTOOL_USER, password=TARANTOOL_PASS)

# Test function
def test_func(self, sleep_time, word):

    :type self: async_task_processor.TntTask
    :type sleep_time: int
    :type word: str
    """'start working')
    time.sleep(sleep_time)'Job is done. Word is %s. Data is %s. ' % (word,

atp = ATP(asyncio_debug=True)
task_processor = TntTaskProcessor(atp=atp, host=TARANTOOL_HOST, port=TARANTOOL_PORT, user=TARANTOOL_USER,

# Add function to task processor. Tarantool data from queue will be in `self` argument in function. 20 parallel workers
# will be started.
task_processor.add_task(foo=test_func, queue=TARANTOOL_QUEUE, args=[1, 'hello world'], bind=True, max_workers=20,
                        max_retries=5, retry_countdown=1)
# Start async-task-processor

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