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A CLI framework based on asyncio

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A CLI framework based on asyncio.


The simplest usage is to just pass in an async function.

import asynccli

async def mycli():
    print("Hello, world.")

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = asynccli.App(mycli)

It can also be instantiated as a class, as long it has a call method.

import asynccli

class DivisionCalculator(asynccli.CLI):
    numerator = asynccli.Integer(help_text='This is the numerator.')
    denominator = asynccli.Integer()

    async def call(self):
        print(self.first_num / self.second_num)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = asynccli.App(DivisionCalculator)

In the DivisionCalculator example above, you would call your script like this:

$ /path/to/ 2 3

What if you want to have a tiered CLI with a hierarchy of commands? First, create your command by subclassing CLI as above. Then, wrap the whole thing inside of the TieredCLI class, and pass that to the App.

class Calculator(asynccli.TieredCLI):
    d = DivisionCalculator

Now, to invoke the script, you have an extra argument to call:

$ /path/to/ d 2 3


pip install asynccli


Currently it requires Python 3.5 to make use of async/await. It uses argparse under the hood, and therefore has no dependencies outside of the standard library.


  • Additional Argument types

  • Integration of additional argparse features

  • Add uvloop

  • Better support for help documentation


You can invoke the test scripts a few different ways:

$ py.test
$ python test
$ python -m py.test

And, in order to generate the test coverage:

$ coverage run -m py.test




asynccli was written by Adam Hopkins.

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