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Asynchronous log for python logging.

Project description

## asynclog
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`asynclog` provide the asynchronous way for python logging. Leave the logging I/O(especially the network I/O when we want to logging to a network endpoint) to the asynchronous thread or asynchronous task provided by [celery]( .

#### Requirements

* Python 3.5+

#### Install

pip install asynclog

#### Usage

* Config from dict

log_cfg = {
'version': 1,
'disable_existing_loggers': False,
'formatters': {
'simple': {
'format': '%(asctime)s \n %(levelname)s \n %(message)s'
'handlers': {
'async_handler': {
'level': 'INFO',
'formatter': 'simple',
'class': 'asynclog.AsyncLogDispatcher',
'func': '[Dot_Path_To_Your_Func]',
'loggers': {
'asynclogger': {
'handlers': ['async_handler', ],
'level': 'DEBUG',
'propagate': False,

logger = logging.getLogger('asynclogger')'Test asynclog')

* Using thread

import logging
import time

from asynclog import AsyncLogDispatcher

def write_log(msg):
# Do write stuff, such as write log msg into network.
# ...

logger = logging.getLogger()
handler = AsyncLogDispatcher(write_log)
logger.addHandler(handler)'Test Log')

* Using Celery

from celery import shared_task

def write_task(msg):
# Write log in Network IO

celery_handler = AsyncLogDispatcher(write_task, use_thread=False, use_celery=True)
logger.addHandler(celery_handler)'Test Log')

#### Test

python3 -m unittest
Ran 6 tests in 0.007s


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