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Spotify Web API implementation that is fully asynchronous and object-oriented.

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asyncspotify is an asynchronous, object-oriented python wrapper for the Spotify Web API.


Simply install the library from PyPI:

python -m pip install asyncspotify


The documentation can be found at readthedocs.


To get going quickly, read the quickstart.

For complete examples, please check the documentation. Here’s some snippets:

Authenticating using the Client Credentials flow, and getting a playlist:

from asyncspotify import Client, ClientCredentialsFlow

auth = ClientCredentialsFlow(
   client_id='your client id',
   client_secret='your client secret',

async with Client(auth) as sp:
   playlist = await sp.get_playlist('1MG01HhbCvVhH9NmXhd9GC')
   async for track in playlist:

Searching for and getting tracks:

results = await sp.search_tracks(q='involvers', limit=2)
# [<SimpleTrack id='5xoJhWwvzPJD9k8j8BE2xO' name='27'>, <SimpleTrack id='0WUTBejxPUhURFCFfSYbDc' name='Fighting My Fight'>]

track = await sp.get_track('0hqAWKZDhuOfFb6aK002Ph')
# <FullTrack id='0hqAWKZDhuOfFb6aK002Ph' name='Bone Dry'>

Fetching and creating playlists:

# get a playlist
playlist = await sp.get_playlist('1wPvaRtuI8mt10CpP2KnlO')
# <FullPlaylist id='1wPvaRtuI8mt10CpP2KnlO' name='my playlist'>

# iterate through playlist tracks
for track in playlist.tracks:

# get current user
me = await sp.get_me()
# <PrivateUser id='runie13'>

# create new playlist
my_playlist = await me.create_playlist(name='My playlist!')
# <FullPlaylist id='0YTCnj0WE5gGb1lRqD6Ks9' name='My playlist!'>

# add tracks from previews playlist to the new playlist
await my_playlist.add_tracks(*playlist.tracks)

Reporting bugs

Please report issues here at GitHub.

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