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An asynchronous wrapper around the UrbanDictionary API.

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Yet another UrbanDictionary API wrapper.

AsyncUrban is a non-blocking library, using asyncio and aiohttp, which can be used to access UrbanDictionary data.


Make sure you have Python3.5+ and run py -3 -m pip install asyncurban for Windows, or python3 -m pip install asyncurban for most other things.


You can find the docs at and a brief example below.


>>> import asyncio
>>> from asyncurban import UrbanDictionary
>>> loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

# session and loop are optional kwargs for your convenience if
# You already have them defined for your project
>>> urban = UrbanDictionary(loop=loop)

# Get a word definition
>>> word = loop.run_until_complete(urban.get_word('dank'))
>>> word.definition
'Also an expression requently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality.'

# Get a random word
>>> random_word = loop.run_until_complete(urban.get_random())
>>> print(random_word)
>>> random_word.definition
"When a woman reaches their 'climax'. It is the most desirable feeling EVER. Its like an explosion inside the body that feels so good."

# You can even search for X matching words and get a list
# The default is 3 but can be specified
>>> word_list = loop.run_until_complete('test', limit=5))
>>> print(word_list)
[<Word word=test defid=708924>, <Word word=test defid=2957653>, <Word word=test defid=2573364>, <Word word=test defid=1876232>, <Word word=test defid=1662552>]
>>> word_list[0].definition
'A process for testing things'


Feel free to open up an issue or submit a PR if you have trouble or see a way to improve the code.

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