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A tool which makes AT communication easier.

Project description


​ AT commands are the instructions used to control and communicate with the cellular modems. In order to, send AT commands to a cellular device, one needs to check several parameters and might need a serial monitor tool. ATCom is a command-line interface tool that makes AT command operations easier. ​


pip3 is required to install the atcom. pip3 can be intalled by ​

sudo apt install python3-pip

​ Use the package manager pip3 to install atcom. ​

pip3 install atcom




If you need to send " or ' character, you should use escape character \ before it.


atcom AT+CGDCONT=1,\"IP\",\"internet\"


​ Running atcom without --port parameter, scans for available ports, and selects a valid modem port if available. ​

$ atcom AT

​ or ​

$ atcom --port /dev/ttyUSB2 AT

Configuration File

​ Configuration file(configs.yaml) can be created for persist args. ATCom first checks the current working directory for the configs.yml to read the arguments from. The path of the configuration file can also be specified using the --config parameter. ​ The configuration file must be in yaml format, for example: ​

port: /dev/ttyUSB2
baudrate: 115200
timeout: 10

​ The keys, config file can contain:

  • port (str)
  • baudrate (int)
  • timeout (int)
  • rts_cts (boolean)
  • dsr_dtr (boolean)
  • verbose (boolean) ​


default description
-p / --port - PORT of modem
-b / --baudrate 115200 Baudrate for serial communication
-t / --timeout 10 Communication timeout
-c / --config ./configs.yaml Configurations file Path
-v / --verbose - Enable full log output
--rts-cts - Enable RTS-CTS mode
--dsr-dtr - Enable DSR-DTR mode

Project details

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atcom-0.4.3.tar.gz (7.7 kB view hashes)

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